Data destruction

A belt and braces approach to data security

We strive on excellence and your data information security is no exception.  You can be assured that your data is safe in our hands.

We take your data and information security needs very seriously. Last year we became the first IT Hardware manufacturer globally to pre-install Blancco data erasure software on all PCs and Laptops.

Blancco is the world's most accredited data erasure solution in the UK and is approved by CESG (the Communications Electronics Security Group), the national technical authority for information assurance. It stands head and shoulders above comparable products, and is the de-facto choice of the IT disposals industry.

We use industry leading Blancco data erasure software on all PCs and Laptops offering you piece of mind and the ability to perform your own CESG (Communications Electronics Security Group) approved end of life data erasures at the point when your equipment is decommissioned.

In our onsite recycling facility we use Blancco exclusively, ensuring that every data bearing product is cleansed in accordance with the HMG Information Assurance Standard number 5. This is an auditable process that provides verifiable, tamper proof evidence of erasure. We also offer an in house data drive shredding service ensuring that data is physically destroyed.

We don't take chances with your data!