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Stone Certified with ADISA Distinction

We have been ADISA members since February 2012 and are currently certified with Distinction scoring 92.11% for our IT Asset Disposal Standards.

ADISA are a certification scheme for businesses that deal with IT asset disposal and recovery, and data destruction services.

These businesses must operate in a particular way and comply with all data protection regulations in order to receive their ADISA certification.

ADISA comprises of six main modules; 112 Essential Criteria which MUST be met, along with 80 Highly Desirable Further Criteria. The scores are then added together to distinguish which, if any, certification can be awarded. Businesses are certified as a Pass, Pass with Merit, Pass with Distinction or with a Pass with Distinction with Honours (this is the highest award ADISA can give).

Members of ADISA agree to have full audits carried out at least once every 3 years but also undergo random spot-check audits once every year.

“The ADISA Standard has been formally recognised by DIPCOG, a UK MoD and CESG Committee, and is listed on the National Cyber Security Centre’s own guidelines as an accreditation to be considered by companies when disposing of their assets.” – ADISA


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