Countertop stand with a Space iPad enclosure, that allows a full-screen tilt for an interactive yet secure iPad display. The 360 stand is a longtime bestseller and a customer's favorite, thanks to its ability to reverse the screen towards the customer/visitor, ease of use, and minimalist look.¦The Space iPad Enclosure features rounded edges and an airy design for improved ventilation and allows for limited access to buttons and inputs. The tablet can be continuously charged while in the enclosure and have peripheral cables plugged in while mounted.¦The combination of the Space iPad enclosure and the 360 counter stand, allows you to display your iPad in a professional manner with a clean and comfortable look. This counter-top iPad Kiosk is perfect for interacting with customers visitors, or clients while making sure the iPad is secured. The mount allows you to easily rotate your iPad between portrait and landscape modes and the base can be securely bolted to the counter.