The Space Console is a secure tablet kiosk with a 25-degree viewing angle, ideal for any meeting room table for video conference management (Zoom rooms, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams...), telecommunication applications but also for telepresence, self-check-in, self-service ordering kiosk, etc.¦The Space iPad Enclosure features rounded edges and open corners for improved tablet ventilation and allows for limited access to buttons and inputs. It has a Quick-Lock / Unlock keyed lock for extra safety.¦As with all our iPad enclosures, the tablet can be continuously charged and have peripheral cables plugged in while mounted, as they are managed at the back of the console for a clean look.¦The Capsule can be freestanding, bolted to the desk, or put on an optional swivel plate. Storage area and cable management are available at the back of the console for a clean look. The AV Capsule stand also features a lock slot for a cable lock to make it theft deterrent. The stand includes a hole for wiring (back as a table mount / bottom for wall mount). With soft edges and rounded corners, the attractive aesthetic look of this console fits all environments.¦The storage space allows for concealing such items as a Battery Pack to allow for freedom of movement without the constraints of a charging cable. You can also secure the tablet charger inside while using an extension cord to plug into a local outlet. If no outlets are available but you have the provision for Power Over Ethernet (POE), the Power and or Power / Data adaptor can be hidden and secured inside the Capsule. Internally there is a cord relief clamp to prevent the cord from exiting the Capsule from being pulled out as well as adhesive pads for mounting items internally.