Connect the Classroom

It's time to connect your school's classrooms with the latest, education tailored networking solutions by partnering with Stone and Cisco Meraki on your Connect the Classroom project.

Connect your learning environments securely

Maintaining a state-of-the-art IT network is vital within modern learning environments especially with the ever-present uncertainty the pandemic provides. If you want to avoid unnecessary downtime and maintain your provision of rich educational experiences whether that's in the classroom or from home, then it's a good time to consider how to connect your classrooms securely. Stone helps schools connect all learning environments to maximise students learning outcomes whilst paying particular attention to safeguarding.

It has been essential for schools to create a modern learning environment whilst ensuring safeguarding measures are in place, this is where Stone Group can help. Independent research recently commissioned by Stone Group showed that nearly 50% (46.7) of organisations don't believe they have the infrastructure to manage a 1:1 device scheme.

Stone Group have been implementing Connect the Classroom solutions UK wide and have been on hand throughout to help schools and the education sector as a whole to improve their infrastructure and provide reliable tech and support services.


Smart, cloud-managed IT solutions to innovate your school.

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