Corporate social responsibility

We are more than just an IT solutions provider; we aim to make a difference where we can in the UK and the wider global community. 

Our Values: Social Responsibility and Sustainability 

Social and environmental sustainability is pivotal to all the work that we do and is at the core of our values as an organisation. We’re committed to social responsibility and proudly support several charities, both in the UK and internationally. When you choose Stone Group as your circular IT partner, you’re helping to support these worthy causes. We want to be confident that the work we do is genuinely doing good. Every year, our staff vote to choose specific causes for us to support, allowing us to target our efforts and have confidence that we are really making a difference.

We’re proud to support both local and national charities that really make a difference to the communities our staff come from. On top of this, we run multiple schemes to give back to our community providing work experience and giving back to all of our staff through a number of benefits.

Our social responsibility and sustainability activities can be split into four sections:


Stone Group have a charity Committee that dedicates time every month to fundraise for Stone’s chosen charities. As well as supporting IT Schools Africa, we are also the chosen partner for supplying Family Fund with hardware. Every year Stone employees vote for a local, national and global charity  to support. This year, our local charity is Midlands Air Ambulance, a charity that is responsible for funding and operating the now three air ambulance helicopters and two critical care cars. We also support Family Fund, our national charity who have helped with over a million grants for families raising disabled or seriously ill children and young people. Stone also chose a global charity to support and this year it’s Destiny Rescue whose mission it is to rescue children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking and help them stay free. 


Stone Group believe that we all need to work together to build a more sustainable future and as an IT provider we should be doing more. That’s why we launched the multi-award-winning Stone 360 app. At Stone, we have a fully accredited recycling facility at our HQ in Staffordshire with a zero to landfill promise for our IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) service. We launched our Stone 360 app to make our recycling service even easier, users can now simply book collections at the touch of a button. In addition to this, users can earn rebates from any value left in the items they recycle which they can take away with them, some customers choose to donate this money to their chosen charity. Alternatively users can boost their rebate by 20% to purchase new Stone tech. As part of this initiative, we have also partnered with the National Forest to support sustainability projects across the UK as well as Ecologi who plant a tree for every collection we complete.

As well as our services being made more sustainable, we have made a number of changes at HQ to help the environment, introducing more efficient LED lights throughout the office, fuel efficient tracking and planning for our engineers as well as transitioning to electric vehicles. One of the biggest changes has been the introduction of hybrid working, this has rapidly reduced travel for our teams.

Stone Group have also changed the packaging to make it more sustainable, our Stone PC’s packaging is made from 100% recycled materials. Stone are tackling the e-waste crisis and are taking a number of steps to build a more sustainable future; our partnership with the national forest allows us to donate and support a range of sustainability projects across the UK.


Stone Group like to give back to the community where possible, we do this by offering work experience as well as kick starter schemes and apprenticeships. We also offer summer temporary jobs, providing opportunities for people in Staffordshire. We also work with Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce and schools/universities to provide tours for students so that they can understand more about Stone Group and our recycling facility.


Not only do we do our best to help charities and our community, we also have a range of benefits for our employees. Ensuring Stone is an excellent place to work is very important to us, that’s why we offer bonus schemes, employee discounts and flu jabs. As well as offering gym discounts and mental health first aiders we also offer hybrid working so teams can decide how often they wish to work from the office.

Other workplace benefits include:

  • Team brief
  • Appraisals
  • CSR focussed company – we have recently won Silver in the International CSR Excellence Awards.
  • Award-winning company
  • Charity raffles
  • Van loan
  • Days out
  • Pizza days
  • Company events

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We are fully committed to social responsibility and upholding our core values in everything we work on. All of the work we do as one of the UK’s leading IT providers supports each of these fantastic charities to carry out their important work. When you choose us as your IT provider, you’re also helping to support these organisations.

We’re recognised for our expertise and professional attitude, as well as our commitment to sustainability and being socially responsible. To find out more about our work and the ways in which we support our chosen charities, please get in touch.