Stone Group - Providing digital transformation solutions to organisations across the UK.

Underpinned by over 25 years of experience of delivering innovation and transformational IT to HE colleges and universities across the country, we support the UK’s higher education sector with high-quality technology, competitive pricing and a tailored service. We offer a huge portfolio of our own devices and solutions, in addition to innovative product offerings from our partners, working with other experts in innovative tech for HE, such as HP.

Stone and HP can enable you to create breakthrough experiences for your students and help you build the campus of the future – a dynamic, inspiring and secure environment for teaching, learning, research, and collaboration.

We really are a One -Stop -Shop

We’re proud to be partnered with HP on all 3 Lots of the National Desktop & Notebook Agreement (NDNA) – we’re also proud to be a First Ranked Supplier on Lots 1 and 3 – so you know we’re a provider you can trust. We can fulfill all your technology needs, whilst delivering a comprehensive service, added-value and cost savings with our wrap-around, end-to-end solutions.

From high performance workstations for demanding design workloads to powerful portable devices for agile learning environments, space-saving AIOs for IT suites to VR for immersive students experiences – we can help you deliver innovation across your institution.

And with our range of added-value services, including asset tagging and laser etching for extra security and a stamp of ownership on your kit, SCCM imaging for simplified deployment, flexible support packages to help provide lower total cost of ownership, we can ensure you get the most cost-effective, beneficial solution for your university.

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Stone on the NDNA - we've got the Lot(s)

We’re placed on all 3 Lots of the NDNA, including holding position of First Ranked Supplier on Lot 1 and Lot 3. We can deploy our own Stone branded equipment, as well as the technology from some of the biggest names in IT.

Lot 1 (Desktops)

  • Stone

  • HP

Lot 2 (Notebooks)

  • Stone

  • HP

  • Dynabook

  • Acer

Lot 3 (One Stop Shop)

  • Stone

  • HP

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