As a thriving, forward looking school with ‘high performing dual specialist’ academy status, Hatch End High School provides outstanding quality, all round education for young people aged 11 – 18 and offers the highest possible inclusive provision for its community.


The UK’s coalition Government recently announced changes to the school curriculum placing more emphasis on students learning computer science and programming skills so the School realised this was something they needed and wanted to back.


Hatch End High School is fully committed to its students and developing their talents to the next level. The School recognised to fully support them, especially when it came to computer programming, that it needed a total refresh of its PC network to provide an up-to-date environment to enable greater learning opportunities for its students. At the same time, the school recognised the increasing prevalence of mobile technologies such as tablets that were being brought in by pupils and staff. The School, therefore, sought an experienced technology partner that could successfully design, deliver and install a complete PC and wireless solution to service the School and its students.


Hatch End High School researched its options and selected Stone Group, the ICT services provider to UK public sector, due its education expertise, quality of products, exceptional warranties, service wrap, warehousing facilities and competitive price.


The School has now standardised its PC environment onto StonePC Lite desktops. They are custom built to run the latest professional grade computer programming and graphics rendering software, are robust and come with a five year warranty. Hatch End High School has so far installed 600 devices and has budget to install more devices when needed to complete the refresh of its entire IT infrastructure.


The Stone team also packages all devices before they reach Hatch End High School, meaning that all PCs come with the school’s custom image and security markings, saving the School valuable time and resource.


Hatch End High School also cites Stone Group’s storage facility as a major benefit. The School’s financial year runs parallel with the academic year so if IT orders are made before placement is actually needed then Stone Group stores the devices ready for delivery. For example, the School usually places orders in April then stores the devices at the Stone Group warehouse ready for the new school year in September – this is totally flexible to the School’s needs. The School can also test out any evaluation units before purchase to ensure that they meet their precise requirements.


With the phenomenon that is BYOD, Hatch End also needed a wireless environment throughout the School’s premises. Stone Group provided consultancy on the best solution and recommended an Aerohive wireless solution to support devices such as tablets that are brought into the School by staff and students.

“We considered all types of devices but selected Stone desktop PCs due to their robust nature and extensive capabilities. With programming being brought back onto the curriculum we need the latest technology to give the students the ability to code and use the devices for much more than just word processing.”

We chose Stone as they fit our criteria. They are education specialists so understand our business and their absolute focus is on design. The fact they offer a five-year warranty is a huge draw too as many fail to offer this and if they do it comes at a massive premium. We are very impressed by Stone’s professionalism, quick support, fantastic products and competitive price.”

When it came to thinking about a wireless solution, we found it to be a minefield with so many different options. We took Stone’s consultancy on this, as you need someone you trust and who’s opinion you value to help you make the right decision. We can now use wireless anywhere on grounds to enable flexibility when it comes to teaching and learning.”

— Matt Pearn, Technical Services Manager