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As one of the biggest NHS Trusts in the UK, Leeds Teaching Hospital offers a full range of specialist and general hospital services with good clinical outcomes for patients. Formed in 1998, the Trust has a distinguished history which reflects the evolution and expansion of the city of Leeds itself. The proud tradition of care, clinical expertise and innovation within the Trust still continues to the present day.

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust prides itself on being a renowned centre of excellence for patient care, education and research and proudly maintains an international reputation.


In order to secure the best value, the Trust went out to tender to find a vendor who could meet their specific requirements.

Having evaluated all tender responses and scored them accordingly, the Stone proposal to supply desktop PCs was selected. Commenting on the contract award, Chris Archer, Trust Computer Services Manager, explains: “Choosing Stone as our preferred supplier of IT hardware was the right decision by far. We set out strict requirements and conducted a thorough technical appraisal and based on this Stone scored very highly. It was the competitive price offering and build quality that helped secure our decision to choose them as our vendor of choice.

“Like many other organisations, we were under pressure with the deadline looming for the end of support for Windows XP. With a number of our PCs still running XP and proving extremely unreliable we knew we had to act. I did an audit to find out if any of the PCs would support Windows 7 and realised that 2000 of them did not. These PCs needed to be replaced and updated in order to give our employees access to trusted, reliable hardware to carry out their day-to-day tasks effectively.

“The reliability and standardisation of Stone PCs was a major factor that contributed further to our decision to choose Stone.

“The PCs across the entire estate are used across a multitude of different areas from HR, Finance and IT to the wards themselves to monitor patients and acquire patient details quickly and easily. Procuring PCs that would suit everyone’s needs and requirements was a major part of our tender requirement and having evaluated all options – it was Stone PCs that came out on top. We now have PCs that not only look great, but that also provide the reliability and performance that we needed.”

Alongside the ability to provide the IT hardware, Leeds Teaching Hospital also needed a vendor who could offer a managed deployment solution that would allow the Trust to roll-out new hardware on a phased basis. Commenting on this further, Archer explains: “Having spoken to Stone about what we needed, they informed me that they could provide a bonded storage facility at Stone headquarters as part of their flexible support package, which would allow us to call equipment off as and when we required it.

“This has made a dramatic improvement to the roll out programme for the Trust. The timeframe from our order-to-shipment is much shorter and now we no longer wait for our equipment to be built and then shipped. We contact our account manager who deals with our request and our order is simply dispatched to us.

“Stone also provide us with a 3 Year Parts Only Warranty and supply us with extra parts should we need to swap any out, which matched our service requirements exactly. This allows our qualified staff here at the Trust to swap out any parts or devices that may develop a fault themselves there and then without having to arrange for engineers to come out. For us, this is the perfect solution because some areas of the Trust have restricted access which means that we can’t have just anybody going on-site. So the fact that Stone can provide this level of support and warranty offering for us is fantastic.

“Not only have Stone provided us with a totally flexible service, they have also provided a host of cost benefits too and only reinforces our choice to use Stone as our hardware provider as the best one.”

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