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Northgate plc operates across the UK, Ireland and Spain and is a specialist in hiring light commercial vehicles to businesses. It offers both a flexible and term basis allowing its 14,000 customers the opportunity to manage their vehicle fleet requirements without a long-term commitment.

The company has two head offices in Darlington as well as more than 100 additional sites which operate a fleet of over 100,000 modern vehicles. The company serves multiple sectors and it’s a growing market and IT Service Desk Manager, Michael Grainger, has responsibility for them all.


“We had worked with a company for several years who disposed of equipment as and when required,” he said. “The company were not prepared to visit every site and wanted us to collate equipment at regional offices which would have involved a great deal of work for my team. In addition, there was a cost involved and when we discussed this major project with them, we faced a bill of tens of thousands of pounds”

In 2019, the company had a major IT upgrade and replaced all of its PCs and laptops with new equipment featuring a Windows 10 operating system. Michael was responsible for overseeing the safe disposal of the old equipment across the 80+ UK sites.

Michael had to find a cheaper alternative, and luckily an introduction from Stone Group landed on his desk at exactly the right time. And so, he invited Stone and a competitor to do a competency test by collecting a small amount of equipment from the head office.


“Stone were head and shoulders above the other company,” said Michael. “They were easy to deal with and were really open and transparent – just very professional. They were more than happy to go to each and every one of our sites, regardless of how big or small the collection and offered the service totally free of charge. I had total confidence in their ability and awarded the contract to them without hesitation.”

We asked Michael to give us a list of all the sites and a contact name and number. The Stone team then simply got in touch with each branch to arrange the collection.

“The process could not have been any easier,” said Michael. “Everything went smoothly and there were no issues at all. It was all very straight forward and because of Stone’s recycling capabilities we didn’t even have to have to wipe anything. The machines were just unplugged and placed in the collection area.”

Stone boast an award winning, WEEE compliant IT Asset Disposal facility fully accredited by the Environmental agency and certified with distinction by ADISA. Stone’s list of accreditations ensure IT equipment is recycled securely and protected against data-breaches and the financial penalties that any such breaches could incur.

Data is erased using the same standards as those used by the Ministry of Defence with industry leading Blancco software, and the entire process meets GDPR regulations, offering clients total peace of mind

Additionally, Stone recognise the importance of providing a completely traceable and transparent service.

That’s why collections are made by Stone security cleared drivers in GPS-tracked Stone vehicles fitted with CCTV, and they provide full audit reports and certificates of disposal.

“I was really impressed with the administration side of the process too,” said Michael. “We were provided with receipts instantly and the notification of disposal soon followed. I had total confidence that our data was securely shredded and the paperwork always corresponded with the site collection.”

Sustainability is one of Stone’s core values, and they help to support other businesses who are working hard to boost their green credentials.

With a major recycling project such as this, cost was always going to be an issue, however, Stone always aim to provide a Free of Charge service by requesting clients have 25 qualifying items per collection.

Over a period of around four months, Stone has collected approximately 750 laptops and PCs from Northgate branches across the UK. In addition, they have picked up thousands of ancillary products such as mice, keyboards and chargers.

Stone are now the official recycling partner of Northgate plc and Michael says he will be happy to use Stone for other services in the future.

He said: “I had not heard of Stone before this project, but now having worked with them we will be happy to consider them for any other IT project down the line.”

Stone recycling saved Northgate tens of thousands of pounds – I can confidently recommend them to anyone.

Stone took what could have been a complex GDPR minefield and made it simple.

Now we’ve found Stone we would be happy to work with them on other projects in the future.

Michael Grainger, IT Service Desk Manager

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