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Wood Green, The Animals Charity is one of the UK’s leading animal charities, providing safe shelter, specialist care and a brighter future for thousands of dogs, cats and small pets every year.  Wood Green’s teams work together to create an individual plan for every pet and then find them a loving home where they can live a happy, fulfilling life. They also provide free expert pet advice including workshops and classes.

Wood Green work with multiple like-minded organisations too, and these valuable partnerships enable them to champion pet welfare and influence positive change.

Secure IT Asset Disposal Provides Reassurance

The charity has a head office in Godmanchester, where 350 employees are based. They also have a growing number of charity shops across England and an army of volunteers. Peter Sumpter is the Senior Systems Administrator at Wood Green and he, along with his two colleagues, ensure the IT systems run smoothly.

He said: “We strive to be a green company. A lot of our energy is powered by solar and wind turbines, and as a charity we recycle equipment or hold on to it for as long as possible. Obviously, we have kit that eventually reaches end-of-life and we have worked with numerous disposal companies.

However, when Stone Group introduced their services, I decided to invite them to dispose of our latest batch of IT equipment.”

Stone Group IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) boasts an award-winning, WEEE compliant recycling facility and guarantees end-of-life IT assets are recycled securely, to protect clients from data breaches and the financial penalties they can incur. Stone ensure any sensitive data is erased to the same prestigious standards as the MOD in order to provide peace of mind that valuable information remains secure.

Peter said: “We had started to erase our own data prior to disposal. However, after learning about Stone Group’s excellent facility and being reassured by their high standards, we were confident that we could leave data wiping to them. That saved us a job too.”

Wood Green arranged a FREE pick-up of their old kit, which was collected using solid sided GPS-tracked vehicles fitted with cameras and load weighting for maximum security.

"Everyone we have dealt with at Stone has been hugely professional. It’s hard to believe that not only do Stone Group offer a FREE service but they also give us money back! Stone Group never gave us a hard sell – always refreshing."

Peter Sumpter, Senior Systems Administrator

The Stone 360® App Saves Time

Generally, Wood Green needs ITAD disposal once a year. However, due to the pandemic it had amassed more kit than usual and the first collection was comprised of a mix of desktops, laptops, hard drives, monitors, heavy power supplies and mobile phones. With the first collection running so well, Wood Green invited Stone Group to collect the remaining kit with a further two pick-ups.

“Even though we dispose of kit just once a year, the administration can be quite time consuming, especially for such a small team as ours,” said Peter. “Usually we have to find and write down tiny serial numbers and log them on a spreadsheet – it could take one person a whole day to do it. However, Stone Group’s clever app did all the hard work for us.”

Stone 360® is a unique mobile app that allows organisations to make recycling their old equipment simple and easy. It eliminates much of the paperwork usually associated with ITAD disposal and also allows clients to arrange collections and access their audit and asset report with a couple of clicks.

“I was really impressed with Stone’s reporting procedure,” added Peter. “I can see the product name, manufacturer, model number, parts number, IMEI (phones) serial numbers, asset tag, product weight and, most importantly for us, if we are due any rebates from the equipment Stone has collected.”

Charity Benefits From Increased Funding

A benefit of working with Stone Group for ITAD disposal is that as well as collecting old equipment at no cost to us, the company also offer potential rebates in the form of cashback on any qualifying equipment that it can recycle. Even if equipment cannot be recycled and sent elsewhere, Stone Group’s policy of zero landfill assures customers that their waste is not adding to global waste.

“This is a win-win for a charity,” said Peter. “Around half of our equipment to date has been recycled, giving us just under £500 to putback into the charity’s funds. In addition, it’s nice to know that our old kit is helping other people and organisations who may not be able to afford to buy new equipment. Finally, of course, it’s something else we can add to our green credentials.”

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