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There are millions of unused PCs around the world which are heading straight to landfill sites.

These desktop devices contain toxic materials and substances that can be harmful to our environment, including the ground, air and even water.

To help tackle the number of electrical devices entering our landfill sites, the European government developed a directive to help increase the recycling of electronic goods, including IT devices. You may already have heard of the term WEEE. This stands for ‘The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive’.

What is WEEE?

What parts of a computer can be recycled?

What parts of a computer can be recycled?

There are multiple components in a desktop computer that can be recycled. This includes:

  • Screen
  • Hard drives
  • Keyboard
  • Monitor casing
  • Circuit boards
  • Batteries
  • Cables
  • And more

Desktop recycling and disposal is easy with Stone

At Stone, we hold various accreditations for our IT Asset Disposal services.

In line with the WEEE directive, our desktop recycling services are performed completely in-house at our recycling facility within Stone HQ in Stafford. Our facility undergoes constant checks to make sure we are following ITAD protocol and has received a Distinction accreditation from ADISA – The Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance.

From free collections* in our GPS-tracked vehicles, the dismantle and recycling of computer parts and materials, to secure data erasure using industry-leading data wiping software, we provide the whole recycling process within one location.

Not only can we recycle your old desktops, we can recycle laptops tablets, mobiles and all other kinds of IT kit too.

To find out more, to go our IT Recycling & Data Disposal page or discover more about our IT Asset Disposal services.

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