Gaming in Education

Enter the world of esports and gaming with Stone Group.


We’re here to help you make the most of your system with our dedicated team of experts passionate about ensuring you get the right equipment for the best price, whilst customising it to meet your gaming needs. What’s more they will also be on hand after installation with our impressive 3-year onsite warranty!



Online gaming has become a part of everyday home life and now with the introduction of esports to the BTEC curriculum, it’s in higher demand than ever. Esports has allowed students from up and down the country to form their very own “digital youth club”, bringing them closer together through technology. The fun doesn’t stop at just playing though, there’s also avenues in Design, Coding, Broadcasting, Video Editing and commentary to get involved in.

Ensuring safeguarding is top of the priority list when it comes to our approach around esports. We will advise on all age-appropriate games, closed community platforms and also provide options for admin log-ins for teachers to moderate, commentate and host tournaments both within the school and across the world! In recent years, our expert team have kitted out schools and colleges that have then gone on to compete in the British Esports Championship final. This is a testament to our team and how we know exactly what you need to get up and running, safely and securely.

Budget is everything, so no matter how much you have to spend we’re here to help you maximise your spending whilst maximising style. Whether you’re updating an existing space, or if you’re looking to set up a brand-new gaming lab – we offer our advice and support every step of the way. With servers starting from less than 1000k and many esports games available for free there’s no better time to get started.



Take the stress out of finding the perfect gaming PC with our fully customised systems, you can tell us exactly what you want, whether that’s specific technology or just an overview of how you want it to look and perform and we will build it for you! By working with our support team, we can really put the fun in functional by delivering a product that not only has exceptional performance but looks the part too.

Our passion is gaming and helping customers get the most out of their new system. We are very excited to work in an industry where we can produce latest spec PCs that push the performance limits, as well as send out gaming PCs to the front lines, being used in action by game developers, esports teams and at gaming events. We have everything you need to make your gaming dream a reality.

Pre-built Systems

Preconfigured with tailored specifications to improve gameplay, taking the hassle out of constructing your own custom gaming PC.

Custom Gaming PCs

Select a case to suit your style, pick your ideal graphics cards, decide on which CPU cooler works for you, and more! Play around to find your dream set up and, if you are still not sure where to start, feel free to contact us to speak with our friendly gaming experts about your options.

Refurbished Solutions

Our expert technicians professionally refurbish the unwanted devices that are still in a completely usable condition, preventing unnecessary disposal and providing a cost-effective solution for those looking to invest in new tech.

Our goal is to deliver the ultimate custom PC in terms of overall value-for-money and long-term reliability, exceeding customer expectations when it comes to service and support. Our custom-built PCs are normally shipped within 1-2 weeks, with priority turnaround options available. Our expert technicians also professionally refurbish unwanted devices that are still in a completely usable condition, preventing unnecessary disposal and providing a cost-effective solution for those looking to invest in new tech.

Fuly customised inside and out

We build everything in house so we can tailor the equipment to fit your requirements and budget, not only will it perform with power and precision, but it will also look incredible too!

Up to 3 years onsite warranty

Gone are the days of surrendering your PC for weeks on end for repairs should anything go wrong! At Stone, we will come to you to make any repairs necessary meaning you can get back online even quicker!

Dual Purpose Machines

Don’t have space for an independent gaming room? Let us help you upgrade your existing IT suite. Our systems are perfect for not only running esports titles but also delivering exceptional performance in design work (such as CAD), graphic design and producing high quality video.

British Esports Championships

Our expert knowledge in games and events taking place within the esports community has given us the chance to take colleges into the British Esports Championships.

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