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Engineered for the Extreme, Built to Last.
Dino PC offers the perfect mix of aggressive, cutting edge gaming technology accompanied by unmatched build quality, reliability and aftersales support.

Built With the Best. Engineered for Esports

Focusing on supplying custom PCs and latest technology directly to customers in the UK since 2007. We listen to the market and feedback to give customers a wide range of components and options that are tried and tested by us, to build the perfect custom PC for anyone’s needs. Our goal is to deliver the ultimate custom PC in terms of overall value-for-money and long-term reliability, exceeding customer expectations when it comes to service and support.

Our passion is gaming and helping customers get the most out of their new system. We are very excited to work in an industry where we can produce latest spec PCs that push the performance limits, as well as send out gaming PCs to the front lines, being used in action by game developers, esports teams and at gaming events.

Our Gaming PC Series

The biggest gaming experiences come in the shapes of our breathtaking Primal, Hunter and Conqueror ranges. Not only top quality and configurable products, but edge of the seat excitement all backed up by the best pre and after-sales services available.

Excellent customer service and support
Customers are what makes Dino PC great – we want your experience with Dino PC to be nothing but positive!

Fast Warranty Service
Our normal service for warranty repairs is 10 days. Depending on parts availability it can be quicker (but sometimes slower).

Competitive Prices
We’re now part of the Stone Group so we have improved buying power to get the best for our customers.

One of the Best Warranties on the market
Needless to say, we’re confident with the systems we build, so we’re able to offer one of the best warranties available.

Perfectly balanced pre-selected and built systems
We’ve utilised all our collective knowledge to specify and create perfect pre-configured systems.

Your Perfect Gaming Technology Partner

We’ve utilised all our collective knowledge to specify and create perfect pre-configured systems and have delivered systems to tens of thousands of customers over the years, with an excellent reputation and established track record.

Dino PC - Your perfect gaming technology partner.