Hassle-free, with little to no cost

Transform your education with the worlds's most secure technology with our 1:1 Parent Partnership Scheme

1:1 Learning without the admin headache

GetYourTech4School, exclusively from Stone, is our cost-effective, hassle-free 1:1 device scheme.

We can devise a bespoke package for your school that goes hand in hand with your ICT vision. While the notion of student device schemes are nothing new, schools often suffer from an increased admin burden on the back-end when it comes to things such as managing payments and insurance claims. With stagnant or decreasing budgets, getting more funding for further administrative support is unlikely. With GetYourTech4School, you can realise all the benefits to teaching and learning associated with 1:1 access without the resource headache.

Why deploy a 1:1 device scheme? 

ICT is central to the modern education environment. In 2019, the Department for Education launched its new EdTech strategy, prioritising a new tech-led future for UK schools, colleges, and universities. The DfE strategy was underpinned by the fact that IT is proven to help reduce the burden of non-teaching tasks, support classroom engagement and improve learning outcomes for students.

Despite these benefits, there is a still a concerning number of children and young people with inadequate access to IT. A recent report from the National Literacy Trust stated that less than half of teachers said their pupils had access to iPads or laptops, and just 2 in 5 to desktop PCs, with secondary school students at the greatest disadvantage in terms of access to technology in the classroom.

1:1 device schemes enable you to improve access and inclusion for students, ensuring equal opportunities through ICT for all.

An unbiased approach

Unlike other schemes, GetYourTech4School from Stone is vendor agnostic. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Apple Authorised Reseller in Education we can look holistically at what you’re looking to achieve and then work with you to introduce the technology that will best serve your needs.Stone holds multiple vendor accreditations including:

This means we can provide whatever devices fit best with your teaching and learning methods, all neatly wrapped with Stone’s unique advice, service and ongoing support.

“Stone Group are the best supplier we’ve worked with in terms of responsiveness and the relationships I have built.”

Chris Weeks
Director of IT

“Previously, we were with one of the multinational OEMs, and they continually raised the prices of spare parts to the point where we could not work with them any longer - it was simply unsustainable. Stone have been extremely supportive of our self-maintainer status - giving us access to the spare parts we need, at the reasonable prices we need, to make our programme cost effective for parents and guardians. We have a one stop shop for payment collection services and administration, insurance cover, quality devices and the warranty package.”

Perrins School

Providing you with support every step of the way

Here are some of the ways in which we can help:

Full Insurance Wrap Available
Complete with flexible warranty terms inclusive of next business day on-site.

Full Insurance Wrap
Covering every eventuality from a dropped device, to missed parental contributions.

We handle it all. Be it setting up parental contributions, managing insurance claims, dealing with missed contributions, or general admin; such as change of address.

Marketing to Parents
From parents' evenings to a dedicated branded e-commerce portal for parents to easily select their chosen device.

Designed for Modern and Traditional Education
We understand the unique differences in running a scheme in a variety of educational establishments - be it an Academy, University Technical College or Independent School.

1:1 technology - Ensuring flexible costs

The modern classroom is driven by technology - preparing students for the tech-driven world. It’s becoming more and more vital for schools to provide consistent access to personal learning devices. The challenge is delivering this in a way that doesn’t impact the budget, resources or infrastructure.

GetYourTech4School is a little to no cost 1:1 device scheme for schools. Driven by parental payments with no personal credit checks, there’s no need to dip into your budget. The devices are managed and distributed by you, meaning there’s minimal risk to your infrastructure by bringing in personal devices as part of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme.

By working with Stone you can:

  • Have access to the latest devices at no cost to your school
  • Launch a fully managed 1:1 scheme without the admin burden - we manage parent marketing and communication, payment collection and portals.
  • Be supported by a minimal risk service - we offer repairs, recycling of displaced equipment, insurance and warranty and more.
  • Stay compliant - our partners are members of the Finance and Leasing Authority (FLA), and our data processing is certified against the ISO 27001 standard and fully GDPR compliant.