Are you looking for extremely high bandwidth and very low latency communications for your HPE ProLiant XL and HPE ProLiant DL Gen10 server families? The HPE HDR InfiniBand adapters are designed for customers who deploy high performance computing (HPC) systems with their HPE ProLiant XL and HPE ProLiant DL Gen10 servers in the data center. The HPE InfiniBand HDR/HDR100 adapters include HPE InfiniBand HDR (200Gbps) 1-port 940QSFP56 adapter, HPE InfiniBand HDR100(100Gbps) 2-port 940QSFP56 adapter and HPE InfiniBand HDR100(100Gbps) 1-port 940QSFP56 adapter. Combined with HDR InfiniBand switches, they deliver low latency and up to 200Gbps bandwidth, ideal for performance-driven server and storage clustering applications in HPC and enterprise data centers.