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How is education changing?

Recent events have proven that neither work nor education can or should be confined to a location.  Learning and labour must follow the individual, not the other way around.  This change is also being accompanied by shifts in the economy: recent statistics show the number one source of new wages comes from computing.  Furthermore, figures state that 65% of students today will eventually do jobs which presently do not exist.

How do we prepare?

Preparing for this future requires timely, relevant education for today’s students.  It is incumbent on schools to make informed choices in purchasing equipment and services so they can meet their objectives: specifically, providing the best learning experiences possible.

What are Acer and Stone doing to help?

Acer, in collaboration with Stone Group, Microsoft, and Intel, has launched initiatives to make it easier for decision makers to achieve their goals. Acer and Stone have three goals: Innovate, Engage, Empower.

Innovation is key to the offering: as necessity and technology are driving new methods of working, We are keeping our eyes firmly fixed on the future.  We are working towards meeting the challenges and exploiting the opportunities the future has to offer.

Engage: it is not sufficient to merely give a student a laptop and an internet connection and hope that they learn.  Rather, technology is a tool which must be used to spark both curiosity and wonder. We are committed to helping schools create learning environments that do just that.  For example, Stone has been working with schools for nearly 30 years to help create technology-enabled classrooms with first-class learning experiences.

Empower: the era of students merely learning by rote is over.  Acer and Stone both understand that education now mainly takes place via a dialogue between the teacher and student, so critical thinking skills as well as knowledge are imparted.  We work with schools and teachers to develop empowered individuals, the kind able to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

What’s the Acer Education 2021 programme?

Acer recently launched the Acer Education 2021 programme; they are working with the Tablet Academy to launch the Acer STEM (Science Technology Education and Maths) Rewards Programme and Upgrade Rewards Programme:

  1. STEM Rewards: Schools can claim rewards worth up to £1000 for every classroom set of Acer devices they purchase. These can be claimed by providing a PDF or photo of the invoice within 30 days of the purchase date.  These rewards include: half-day or on-site teacher training workshops, 12 months access to Acer’s online training programme, a half-day onsite STEM workshop, strategic consultancy, a Tablet Academy STEM shop credit, and support and Training for IT Professionals
  2. Acer Upgrade Rewards: schools can claim up to £150 cashback to reinvest in devices or training.  Extra rewards may accrue via recycling equipment.  These can be claimed, again within 30 days of the purchase date by clicking here and filling out the form.

What if something goes wrong?

All of Acer’s equipment is backed by a reliability promise: schools will get 100% money back if the purchased device fails within the first year, provided it is registered within 30 days of purchase.

Making sure new technology doesn’t hurt the environment

Everything Acer does is with the future in mind: they are conscious of the need to protect the environment so that today’s students will have a clean, viable world in which their talents can prosper. Acer works with Stone to ensure responsible recycling.  In November 2020, Stone released the innovative Stone 360 app which allows for the collection and careful handling of old technology assets.  The goal is to ensure that technology becomes part of the circular economy.

Although change can be daunting, it also provides an opportunity for growth; technology is empowering individuals to develop themselves and their skills like never before.  It’s an exciting time. Both Acer and Stone are proud to be part of it.

How do I find out more?

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