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In the current working climate, professionals need to be more adaptable than ever to tackle the diverse challenges and changing trends in business and beyond. Whether you work in the public or private sector, in a small-scale start-up or a nationwide corporation, you’ll notice the way we work is constantly evolving. In a world where communication, collaboration and productivity are critical, and the rise of agile and remote working continues, individuals require greater versatility and business grade performance on the go. And thus, it’s imperative that they have the devices that allow them to adapt to the modern-day working landscape and give them the power to do more with their every day.

Why the Toshiba X Range?

Toshibas X Range is an innovative collection of flexible devices that equip individuals with the technology they need to acclimatise to the changing trends in business and the diverse nature of modern-day organisations. The X Range is a series of elegantly engineered devices from Toshiba, designed to provide business professionals with premium experiences, uncompromised performance and exceptional security. Each device within the X Range has been carefully crafted to empower the modern worker to increase their productivity, stay connected and deliver their best work, regardless of the time, place or scenario. Offering unrivalled power and boasting a huge range of business-grade features within a selection of sleek, lightweight and amazingly versatile devices, there’s a product in the X Range perfect for every professional. The X Range is built to help every individual adapt and thrive as the way we work continues to evolve.

What’s in the X Range?

The X Range encompasses a comprehensive variety of premium devices including 2-in-1 and detachable devices for unparalleled versatility, to lightweight larger laptops that don’t compromise on portability.

Portégé X20W

Ultra-slim and lightweight at just 15.4mm thin 1.1kg, the Portégé X20W is an entirely flexible 2-in-1 device ideal for professionals seeking ultimate flexibility and power in a sleek portable package. With dual-action 360° hinges, it allows you to seamlessly switch from a fully-functioning laptop for to use at your workspace to an easy-to-use tablet perfect for when you’re on the move, helping you stay productive, no matter where you are. It’s also built for total connectivity, so you can keep in the loop with your teams, connect your other devices and accessories via USB-C and enjoy more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Portégé X30T

Taking the crown of supreme versatility, the new Portégé X30T is the best way to get every job done. As a professional 2-in-1 detachable device with a huge battery life of up to 15.5 hours, it lets you benefit from the best of both a laptop and tablet, regardless of where you are. Whether you’re stuck at the airport, co-creating as you move or even in a power cut – the X30T lets you keep on working effectively and securely, with stringent levels of protection and data security to keep your projects safe. And to enhance it’s flexible features, there are a huge range of accessories such as stylus pens optimised for Windows Ink to help unlock your creativity and travel keyboards for working in comfort while you’re on the go.

Portégé X30

The coolest laptop in the office, the Portégé X30 combines powerful processing technology to keep your performance up, with Hybrid Air Cooling to keep temperatures down, making it a device you can rely on to help you get the most out of your every day. The X30 is designed to work with you, no matter your style, with touch technology that lets you get hands on with your creations, and a comfortable backlit keyboard that makes working anywhere simple. With a huge range of connectivity features, exceptional SSD storage for speed and performance, and support for customisation, managing your device – and your workloads – is easier than ever. It’s also designed for effective collaboration, so you can in touch with your teams or engage in conference calls with crisp video and sound, anywhere and everywhere.

Tecra X40

Rigorously tested to handle the fast-paced nature of business and the pressures of every day, the Tecra X40 is built to tackle every challenge and fulfill you’re every need. Offering power with business-grade features and reliable performance within a light, slim and stylish professional chassis. With built-in added security measures including two-factor authentication and Toshibas own BIOS, the X40 helps keep your data yours, and out of the hands of any third party, so you can work securely in or outside the office. With exceptionally speedy start-ups and connectivity, the Tecra X40 helps you waste less time waiting and more time doing what you do best, empowering you to get the most of your day.

The Toshiba X Range + Windows 10

To give you an added layer of premium performance, the Toshiba X Range device achieves its optimal potential when teamed with the power, features and added security of Windows 10. Offering a range of additional benefits, Windows 10 helps your device stay updated, easier to manage and incredibly secure. With Windows 10, you can guarantee your X Range device is constantly working at it’s best with the latest features, delivered to you through simple, automated monthly updates. It also adds greater levels of protection for your device and your data, making it near-impossible for prying eyes to see what you’re working on and preventing threats from heading your way. Furthermore, with the added extras Windows 10 offers, combined with an already feature-rich X Range device, means you get the ultimate modern-day, flexible workspace, with the nostalgia of the Windows you know and love.

Why an X Range device from Stone?

As a Toshiba Platinum Business Partner, we make sure our customers can get their hands on the latest Toshiba technologies at the most competitive prices. It also means that our staff have access to a comprehensive library of all the latest knowledge and resources from Toshiba, so your dedicated account manager can guide you on how to make the most of your new devices, getting you the best value for your money. Not only are we a Toshiba Platinum Business Partner, we’re a leading technology provider with years of experience and unique added-value offerings. We go above and beyond for our customers to make sure the roll-out of their hardware refresh is as quick and easy as possible – no matter the size of complexity of the project. By offering a huge range of deployment services, from SCCM imaging and installations carried out by our own qualified engineers, to secure storage facilities to look after your new investments until you’re ready for them – we can even take care of your unwanted equipment with our secure IT recycling. Our value-added services help make everything run smoothly for your newly deployed tech, and assist in ensuring minimal disruption to your business and end-users.

Our own bonded storage facilities, allow us to store your devices in a secure and protected environment, to give your organisation the time it needs to prepare for it’s new technology, or to allow you to gradually implement your new investment when a bulk deployment isn’t ideal. Our fully-accredited IT recycling services, mean we can safely dispose of and completely wipe your end-of-life, data-bearing equipment, so you can make room for your new tech without the hassle, and without harming the planet. We also offer SCCM imaging services, to help you save wasting time and resources on implementing your new equipment. We can configure and image your devices from our own production facility prior to shipping, so they seamlessly integrate into your current infrastructure, allowing your users to start benefiting from their new tech straight out the box, with almost zero-touch installation.

With everything we do, we ensure every solution we supply is tailored to suit you, to help you tackle your business challenges, enable you to adapt along with the evolving way of working, and make sure you get the most out of your day, and your IT.

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