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The pandemic has increased the budget consciousness of many organisations. At the same time, rising societal and regulatory pressures are calling for organisations to become more sustainable. This can create a conundrum for those who find themselves in need of an IT upgrade.

Purchasing refurbished devices instead of new is a simple way to both save money and improve green credentials. Re-using and refurbishing is at the core of the circular economy – a sustainability strategy that aims to keep existing goods and materials in circulation for as long as possible, instead of disposing of them and increasing e-waste, only to produce more.

The manufacturing process involved in the tech industry is incredibly resource intensive and damaging for the environment. Choosing refurbished devices is instantly more eco-friendly, as it removes this harmful step. This also helps to drive down the demand for producing new equipment.

And, of course, a refurbished device will likely be a few years old, and not the latest model, meaning you also benefit from a discounted price tag, rather than paying the premium that comes with a ‘new’ device.

However, many are still hesitant to delve in the world of refurbished IT. Some people still see the word “refurbished” and – undeservedly – associate it with unreliability or poor quality. In fact, a professionally refurbished device can offer the same level of performance and reliability as a brand new one.

Refurbished vs Used

It’s important to acknowledge that “refurbished” is not a synonym for ‘used’. A used laptop or computer will be in the same state it’s previous owner left it, whereas professionally refurbished device will have undergone a range of repairs, upgrades, and other improvements that give it a fresh lease of life.

For instance, imperfections will be buffed out as best as possible, and components may be upgraded, such as including additional RAM or upgrading storage from HDD to SSD. A modern operating system such as Windows 10 can be installed, and the latest software will be able to run without a hitch.

It will have been quality checked and tested to ensure the improvements have been effective, and should also be backed by a warranty, just as a new device would. In fact, if a device has undergone an upgrade by a reputable refurbisher, you may not even be able to tell the device isn’t brand new at all – but you will however see the significant cost savings.

Is refurbished right for everyone?

The short answer is no. A refurbished device won’t be suitable for every user – it’s all dependent on individual requirements and priorities. It’s important to list your needs in order or most to least important. Consider what’s highest on your agenda. Is it cost, sustainability, having the latest tech, or are your requirements more complex?

For the vast majority, who predominately use the most common desktop apps, such as Office 365, a refurbished device – even with a 3rd or 4th Gen processor – will be perfectly fit for purpose.

However, for those working in a specific role or using their device for more demanding tasks, such as game development, research or CAD, a refurbished device may not suffice.

The key takeaway

We are more reliant on technology than ever. This reliance, in terms with an outdated mindset of production > consumption > disposal, is harming our ecosystem. Refurbished IT can be a great way to procure tech in a more environmentally friendly way – while benefiting your budget.

At Stone, nothing goes to waste. We are a proud zero waste to landfill IT partner, as approved by Valpak, and we professionally repurposed and renew devices on site at our fully accredited IT recycling facility.

And with over 25 years experience, Stone Refurb are the trusted choice for buying cheap, quality, professionally refurbished desktops, laptops and accessories. Whether you need a PC for browsing the Internet, doing homework or helping your business grow, we’ve got something for you. Take a look at our latest refurbished devices here.

We’re a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher and a Microsoft Gold Partner, which means we are certified to refurbish equipment to the highest standard, fully licence each device with Windows 10, and supply them with a Genuine Certificate of Authenticity. We also provide a free 12-month warranty on all laptops and desktops to provide peace of mind.

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