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Windows 10

Technology with students in mind

Student life is exciting, fast-paced, challenging… and it’s not exactly cheap. That’s why you need technology that can keep up and suit your wallet.

Get Your Tech offers exclusive student discounts on all the technology you need to take you through college and university.

Why Windows 10?

University life is more seamless with Microsoft Windows 10 by your side; new laptops from Get Your Tech with Windows 10 have an average of up to 28% faster start-ups, built in security and the apps you rely on. It’s the familiarity and heritage of Windows 7, alongside great features from Windows 8 – with additional major improvements – creating an even better Windows 10. It’s safer, simpler and built to last.

The benefits of using Windows 10

Speed and familiarity

You probably fill with a level of nostalgia when thinking back to Windows 7. However, the beauty of Windows 10 is that, although its usability and efficiency have improved tenfold, it is still reminiscent of its preluded operating systems. Windows 10 has improved battery management and your personal digital assistant Cortana, yet offers the simplicity of Windows 7 that you know and love. The Windows 10 upgrade allows you to use all new features on software that you recognise and trust. With the mass change that starting college and university brings, you can seek solace in using technology that you are familiar with.  Additionally, by reducing the amount of start-up and software running processes, Microsoft have made the Windows 10 operating system perform at a rapid speed. As student life moves so fast, it’s good to have technology that can keep up.

Increase productivity with tools that save time

Juggling deadlines, lectures and other commitments means that every minute counts, that’s why Windows 10 has more ways to help you make the most of your time and keep up-to-date with workloads. When it’s 10pm the day before a hand in and your brain is drifting off, Windows 10 can help. Timeline on Windows 10, allows you pick up where you’ve left off after you’ve taken a well-deserved study break. And to prevent your breaks from overrunning, Focus Assist helps you from turning a short break in to hours by blocking notifications, sounds and alerts. The Dictation feature has made it easier than ever to put pen-to-paper, by allowing you to accurately make notes and write essays using just your voice – perfect for when your arms need a rest part-way through a 6,000 word paper. These added features help minimise distractions and support you in producing the best work you can.

The key to creativity

Being a student in higher education doesn’t just mean essay writing and research papers; it requires creativity and innovation to help your work stand out from the crowd. Windows 10 allows you to utilise your creative side, by offering tools that allow you to produce something amazing. Capture, view, create and personalise in 3D using Windows 10’s 3D Builder to bring your ideas to life. Revolutionise the way you work using Windows Ink Technology, which allows you to make notes, mark up, create lists and annotate to your hearts content. And for when you’re not studying, the Microsoft Photos app allows you to easily organise, edit and share your university memories with your friends and family back home.

Security worries are a thing of the past

Student or otherwise, it’s not uncommon to worry about your personal data, documents or files stored on your devices or online. That’s why Microsoft created Windows 10, undeniably the most secure Windows ever created, with stronger defences from potential cyber-attacks or unwanted visitors. Windows Defender offers reassurance through a fully automated reaction to threats, providing issue resolution just minutes after its identification. Microsoft have ensured Windows 10 compiles comprehensive security measures from antivirus, internet protection, firewall and more; keeping your work, documents, data and memories safe.

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The perks of being a student

As we’ve already mentioned, university isn’t cheap but being a student doesn’t mean having rubbish tech. Luckily, a perk of student life is the holy grail that is student discount. Additionally, if you work within a higher education organisation you are also able to take full advantage of these student bargains. Get Your Tech offers lower prices and exclusive discounts designed purely for people in higher education, so you aren’t stuck with slow, dated technology. All you need to do is register at to start shopping and reap the savings you deserve. Simply click “Account” then “Register” using your college or university email address and the savings can begin.

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