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So, that’s it. Another year of BETT has been and gone. And what an event its been!
This year, we wanted to showcase the magic behind technology and went all out with our technology wizardry themed stand, and it certainly seemed to stand out from the crowd and create a bit of a buzz around the arena:

But grabbing attention wasn’t the only reason we came back for another year at BETT. We wanted to hear what you – as education leaders, teachers and learners of all ages expect from education technology, and give us some insight into where you see your vision for tech going in the future and how we can tailor our services and solutions to meet your specific needs.

This was also a great opportunity for us to showcase our exciting new products in the Stone family and explore some of our strategic partnerships across the entire education landscape.
So, here’s just a few of our highlights from BETT 2018:

The Stone Equinox

As part of our technology showcase, we unveiled the Stone Equinox. The latest version of our hyper-converged virtualisation platform and service designed specifically for the evolving needs of the education sector.

Making its debut at BETT, it’s sure to say it went down a storm. Our newest server platform, supported with the very latest Intel technology inside, has been designed and built with schools in mind. We understand the pressures of education budget cuts and having to do more with less, without compromising on one of the most important factors of technology – quality. Offering a server more powerful and a purse friendly alternative to the Integrum, the Equinox came into development as the perfect solution.

The Extended Stone Product Range

The Stone Equinox wasn’t the only new piece of hardware that was introduced at BETT. We also launched the new All in One, Stonebook Cloud and the Stonebook Business.

Each piece of hardware sparked heavy interest from BETT visitors. Particularly the Stonebook Cloud. Our new alternative to the Google Chromebook, with a 14.1” FHD display and 8-hour battery life, it makes the perfect accompaniment for pupils in the classroom setting.

And if you’re not keen on the Chrome OS, the Stonebook Cloud runs on a Windows operating system, and is designed for specific use with Cloud based services such as Office 365. It serves as a set-spec unit at a great entry level price for those schools looking to tighten their belts.

And not one to leave anyone out, we also brought something to the show for educators too. The Stonebook Business is designed for teaching and business professionals alike, with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor inside and built in TPM 2.0 for increased data security – features that are ideal for all those data security conscious educators out there.

And of course, our trusty All in One has been given a makeover. This time, the popular Stone PC features a 23.6” display, alongside a memory capacity of up to 16GB memory. The All in One has been designed with a slimmer bezel to look and feel sleeker than its predecessor. However, many of its best features remain the same, such as keeping it completely customisable.

If like us, you can’t wait for the new products to be on the market, remember to keep an eye on your inbox, as these products will be launching very soon.

Our Partners

Did you spot our collection of partners hiding amongst our library?

Nestled between the regular bog-standard books were our magical set of Stone Partner books, pulling them revealed our range of strategic partners who all have something to bring to the table to help us help you achieve your IT vision and future proof your institution.

From cloud computing and online safety and cyber security, to collaboration and interactivity, we made sure our partnerships with the likes of CTOUCH, Smoothwall, Falanx and Microsoft were part of our enchanting stand. We also made sure our partners from the world of VR weren’t left out either as we had BETT award winners Avantis’s ClassVR headsets as part of our ‘Stone Reality’ section.

‘Stone Reality’ was about showing you how educators can inject that creativity back into learning through virtual reality, the standalone headsets can take you just about anywhere, opening up a world of possibilities for the education environment.

Our partners at Smoothwall also played host to a wide range of industry speakers, Stella James from Gooseberry Planet gave her expert opinion and our very own Emma Rolfe had a slot on keeping children safe within education.

Corporate Brochure

We also revealed our new and improved corporate brochure, and what better way to disguise it than as a spell book!

With a little help from a Hitachi projector, QR codes and a giant book, you have the Stone School of Technology Wizardry spell book, containing our brochure content that changed as the pages were turned.
Its undeniably been a great year for us at BETT. Every year we show attendees how they can use technology to really make an impact in schools, and this time around was no different. It’s a great opportunity for us to chat with those who matter most in education – you! And hear the amazing ways technology is improving your education setting and helping your students to become the digital citizens of tomorrow, as well as opening up new opportunities for future partnerships. We can’t wait for BETT 2019, and hope to see you there!

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