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Whilst most schools in the UK have access to hardware and software that enables a student to learn through the use of technology, not all students will have access to devices outside of their educational environment.

Technology can be an expensive household asset, which families from a disadvantaged background may not be able to afford, therefore creating a digital divide in education when learning out of school grounds.

Not only does this divide affect a pupil’s education, but it can also cause strain and tension on families who cannot afford the luxury of a desktop PC or laptop, which could then have an effect on the mental health of a student or their parent/carer.

Bridging the Digital Divide during a Global Pandemic

With British schools having come to a close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and there being no definitive date as to when they will reopen, home schooling has become the new norm for the foreseeable future.

Whilst home schooling doesn’t have to be carried out through digital devices, technology can have major benefits to help not only pupils, but parents too!

Teachers who are currently not working in schools physically are still trying their best to help their students learn from the comfort of their homes whilst in lockdown. As social distancing guidelines stand, many educators are sending schoolwork home via email or through online collaboration tools which both schools and their students have access to.

Though, this is not be the case for all students, as some do not have access to the right technology whilst at home and are missing out on vital learning material whilst they are in lockdown.

At Stone, we want to help bridge that digital divide, by giving ALL students of any background, equal access to the valuable tech that will facilitate their learning success whilst learning from home.

GetYourTech4School® – Parent Partnership Scheme

GetYourTech4School® is our hassle-free fully-managed parent partnership scheme for 1:1 computing devices.

This scheme allows students to utilise the latest devices both in school and at home through monthly parent contributions, helping pupils to engage better in classroom environments as well as giving them the ability to use their tech to develop their independent learning outside of classes.

We handle everything on behalf of your school, including insurance, warranties, claims, failed payments and manage the entire programme.

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Stone DaaS – Device as a Service

Device as a Service – or DaaS – can be described as a subscription service for devices. Rather than paying out a lump sum for multiple devices, Stone DaaS enables schools to only pay for the devices they need on a per user per month basis, making it easier to adjust an IT estate according to requirements.

Not only does this service provide the hardware itself, but we take care of every aspect of the device lifecycles, including ongoing device management and maintenance, software and licensing services, and secure disposal of your end-of-life tech, removing the burden from your technical staff and saving you time and money.

Stone DaaS gives schools the opportunity to offer a borrowing scheme for pupils who may not have access to technology at home.

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DfE Initiative – Remote Learning Platforms

On 24th April, The Department for Education (DfE) launched an initiative to help schools transition to remote learning platforms.

Partnering with Google and Microsoft, the DfE are to support schools and trusts to start using a free-to-use digital education platform.

Subject to eligibility, the scheme offers grants of up to £2,000 to schools and MATs.

In coalition with Microsoft, Stone are supporting this initiative and playing our part, which ultimately will ensure education can be provided to all vulnerable and disadvantaged pupils across England.

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If you’d like more information on how we can help to bridge the digital divide within your education environment or would like some further advice on how Stone can help advance the technology in your school or MAT in general, contact a member of our team.

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