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There have been changes to the Apple Equipment and Services framework in Higher Education. As a result of the changes, Stone is no longer in number 1 position on the framework. This means that universities and other organisations buying through the Apple framework can no longer come direct to Stone to order without first running a mini competition.

We have seen unprecedented demand coupled with some Apple product constraints and are committed to processing and fulfilling all of the orders currently on the system. For this reason, we are not currently accepting new orders from institutions looking to procure through the Apple Equipment and Services framework.

This does not affect universities, colleges or research institutions from procuring:

  • Great value for money desktops, notebooks or tablets through the National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA).
  • High performance Lenovo technology through the Servers, Storage and Solutions National Agreement (SSSNA).
  • A wide range of Kyocera print solutions through the National Education Printer Agreement.

Our new e-commerce portal is available for institutions looking to efficiently buy our contracted products at highly competitive prices.

If you have any specific questions, please contact our Higher Education Account Team on or call 08448 549 800.

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