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Finding the right partner is important, as it allows you to feel at ease knowing that your business’ assets are discarded of in a secure and environmentally friendly way, without the risks that may be associated with improper disposal – eg data exposure. You may even achieve a return on your investment if assets aren’t required to be destroyed for security measures.

Firstly, it’s useful to fully understand the meaning of ITAD…

What is ITAD?

ITAD stands for ‘Information Technology Asset Disposition/Disposal’, in other words, a business who deals with the disposal of end-of-life or unwanted IT equipment safely and in an environmentally friendly way.

When it comes to getting rid of your old IT equipment, it’s not a simple case of just putting it in the bin, you need a reliable IT disposal company that you can trust, to securely remove and recycle or resell your assets.

Finding the right ITAD Partner

As mentioned before, finding the best ITAD company can be time-consuming, so here are some tips to point you in the right direction:

  • Accreditations
    Before anything, find out what accreditations the company holds. Not only does it show that they’re a legitimate vendor, but it also indicates knowledge and experience that complies with environmental, health and safety laws and regulations.
  • Expertise
    Another good demonstration of an ITAD vendor’s experience is to read through their testimonials and case studies to get a better idea of who they have worked with previously, and how they have helped. This enables you to be confident that your assets and data will be securely taken care of in the correct way.
  • Onsite Wiping and Shredding
    There are multiple IT disposal companies within the UK, but very few who handle the whole process from start to finish, all in one location. With Brexit in mind, this is important, as it means there will be little disruption to the recycling and data destruction process.
    * Read ‘Get ready for Brexit: Recycling your IT Assets and disposing of your data
  • Traceability
    A good vendor will keep you completely up to date and have full traceability of the recycling process of your IT equipment that’s being disposed of. They should be able to provide an extensive documented process, along with an audit report and certificate of disposal.
  • GDPR Compliant
    Your ITAD vendor should be able to explain exactly how your data will be disposed of, correctly and securely, in accordance with GDPR regulations. Ensure their GDPR process is up to date and clearly indicated within their service offering.
  • Potential Rebates
    See if the company offers fair market rebates for your unwanted IT equipment so that your assets can be given a new life. This way you can use the income to spend on the new projects that help you move forward in your business.

Be Confident in your ITAD Partner

As protecting your data is essential, it’s vital when choosing an IT asset disposal partner that you choose a trustworthy vendor to take away not only your surplus electronics, but also the worry and stress of whether your data has been erased securely.

Here at Stone, our award-winning fully WEEE accredited IT recycling facility will ensure your devices are disposed of to the highest security standards, so your data stays yours.

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