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Our partners at Cisco have published a comprehensive article to help us continue to work as securely as though we were in the office. Here are the key takeaways:

Monitor Security Events

It is likely that you will be using a VPN to remotely connect to your organisation’s network. Whilst this is an incredibly powerful tool, it is also vulnerable to cyber threats. So, your IT team will need to monitor security threats and have clear procedures in place should a threat occur.


Secure Servers

Filter COVID-19 Messaging

Sadly, there has been a large increase in cyber-attacks, with attackers exploiting the pandemic and the large increase in online communications. Using COVID-19 wording, hackers have successfully duped many, and it is easier than ever with distributed workforces. It is important that your entire organisation stays alert to emails from any unknown sender.

Consider Security Threats to Your Software

We are all reliant on third-party applications to collaborate effectively. Your IT team however should be aware of sensitive assets located on these applications as this provides a further way for cyber attackers to infiltrate. We all need to keep alert as to the security measures that these applications use, and if there is any way to limit sensitive data across these third-parties then take steps to do this.

This is a summary of the main points that Cisco highlighted, but read the full article here to gain further insight as to how you can stay cyber-safe working from home.

How Stone Can Help

Here at Stone we are expert in providing advice and solutions on all aspects of remote working. If you have any queries about how you can make your organisation more secure, then do not hesitate to get in touch today!

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