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For Luton Sixth Form College, the delivery of IT services across the campus plays an exceptionally important role. They invest heavily in the latest technology to ensure there’s minimal disruption or impact on how IT services are offered to staff and students.

However, their existing infrastructure – comprising two traditional virtual server farms and a test farm – was starting to become unreliable and was impacting the delivery of services such as printing, accessing emails and arranging lessons.

Because of this, the College knew they had to make a radical transformation to its existing infrastructure to help them improve the way things were run and to restore faith in the services that were available to staff and students.

After selecting Stone as their partner of choice, Luton Sixth Form College now have a hypercoverged platform and BCDR replica solution in place that has:

  • Improved speed of performance across the network
  • Reduced footprint – both physically and in terms of network resources
  • Enhanced power requirements
  • Provided a more reliable platform for the delivery of services to students and staff

Check out the full story to find out how implementing this hypercoverged platform has helped the College to overcome the issues they were facing and helped to provide a more solid, stable infrastructure to deliver an outstanding education experience for all.

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