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With the move over to GDPR fast approaching and uncertainties still hanging in the air, we’re hosting an exclusive Cyber Security and Data Protection Open Day on Thursday 12th October at Stone HQ. To help unravel some of the fears many have around the impending changes.

We’ve joined forces with some of the biggest and brightest key players when it comes to Cyber Security and Data Protection and curated an agenda designed to unravel some of the key issues around the new legislation and help tackle any concerns you may have.

Throughout the day, you’ll gain valuable insights into:

  • The ins and outs of GDPR and the approach you should be taking
  • Cyber security threats and how to avoid them
  • How to manage your GDPR project and getting it right
  • Practising safe data protection and keeping your users (and your estate) secure

Download the full agenda

As an added bonus, during the day you’ll also have the chance to have a tour of our facilities to see where the magic happens as well as enjoying some nice grub!

If you’re still in the dark about what you should be doing and where you stand in regards to GDPR or are concerned about the increasing level of cyber threats – the event is a must attend.

Spaces are limited so register for your free spot today!

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