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Our head of higher and further education, Antony Mellor, joined Steve Wright along with four other IT experts, in a Q&A for Ed Technology to discuss:

“In testing financial times, do schools and universities always need to go after expensive new tech? Or can they learn to better harness what they already have?”

This includes questions such as:

  • How can tightly budgeted schools and universities work with the tech they already have, to improve learning outcomes without spending more?
  • Are there common examples out there of edtech that isn’t being used to its full capabilities? Are educators buying kit that they don’t need, not realising that they already possess the functionality on an existing device?
  • The temptation will often be to view the latest generation of tech as the most effective. Should educators approach this notion with some scepticism?
  • Where can schools and universities go (online?) to find advice and examples on how to repurpose, recycle and refurbish their edtech?
  • Can you cite any key tricks for using existing edtech in new ways?
  • Can you give any examples of schools, colleges or universities using their ‘old’ tech in new or imaginative ways?

Read the article to find out what Antony had to say.

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