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We’re inviting you to join us at our headquarters in Staffordshire in April for our Education Technology days.

Some of our best and brightest will be joining forces with thought leaders in the IT industry to help you consider ways to future-proof your technology.

Future-proofing is getting increasingly harder as technology evolves, but the answer is to look carefully at your project, your current situation, and where you see these heading.

We’re keen to show you that cutting-edge technology can see you through the decade, so long as you make the right investment. It’s only right that in considering what’s out there today – you also look at what’s just around the corner.

Come and see how your future-proofing vision could become reality.

Schools Forum – Tuesday 28th April

Included on the day will be talks on ETAG, School Infrastructure, ‘the Compute Continuum’ and ‘Cyber Attacks and Live Hax’.

There will also be a variety of workshops to choose from including: hands-on with a multitude of tablets, future connectivity today, and hand-on interactive large format displays.

Finally, there will be the opportunity to experience first-hand what happens with secure processing of end of life IT assets, in a recycling tour of our facilities.

Full agenda

Further and Higher Education Technology Day – Wednesday 29th April

On the day, we will have the pleasure of hearing from Microsoft’s Chief Envisioning Officer, Dave Coplin, in a talk on how technology is shaping how we think and how we work.

The morning agenda will also include a multitude of talks on the topics of Microsoft’s Education vision, ‘the Compute Continuum’, and ‘Cyber Attacks and Live Hax’.

Finally, in the afternoon, FE guests will get to experience a hands-on session with interactive large format displays, and a workshop on college infrastructure.

Whereas, HE guests will get to experience a hands-on session with product demonstrations of our latest desktop hardware and Acer’s mobile devices, as well as a first-hand recycling tour of the secure processing at our premises.

Full agenda

If you’d like to register to attend either of these events, contact us at or call 08448 22 11 22.

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