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Technology has revolutionised the business environment, improving processes, communication, scalability and more. However, the rapid developments and ever evolving nature of tech has created a global playing field for opportunistic cybercriminals and digitally savvy scammers.

Despite vast advancements in the arena of IT security and cyber awareness at an all-time high, cybercrime is continuing to rise at a staggering rate – with 2019 concluding a landmark year for threats, attacks and breaches.

It’s not just the amount of security incidents occurring that’s alarming, but the growing level of sophistication of cybercriminals and the devastating consequences cybercrime can have – particularly for small and midsized enterprises.

The damage of cybercrime

Research has found that around 60% of SMBs go out of business within 6 months of a breach, displaying the destructive result of lax security. It’s not only smaller companies who should be worried, however, as it is reported that around three quarters of cyberattacks are attributed to the business sector.

Moreover, if businesses can pull through a breach, they must also face the financial implications and reputational damage, with GDPR penalties traipsing into the tens or hundreds of millions of pounds, and customer trust and loyalty difficult to rebuild. So how can you ensure you’re safeguarding your organisation?

Safeguarding your business

Every device in any given business is a potential gateway for cybercriminals, and human error accounts for significant proportion of successful breaches. It’s key to ensure not only your staff are trained in cyber security and awareness, but also that their equipment is reliable and secure too.

Safeguard your IT and protect your business by switching to HP Elite devices, the world’s most secure and manageable PCs. Intelligently engineered with hardware-enforced security features and multiple layers of protection, below, in and above the operating system, HP Elite business devices proactively prevent threats and quickly and automatically self-recover in the event of a breach.

This easy-to-manage, multi-dimensional defence means the hundreds of different access points for cybercriminals are constantly protected, and the risk for human error is limited as the security is built-in and updated automatically, giving you peace of mind your confidential business information stays safe.

HP Elite PCs enable you to stay one step ahead of threats, hacks, and attacks with best in class intelligence – both artificial and human – through unique security features such as HP Sure Sense, Sure Start, Sure Click and Multi-Factor Authenticate.

HP Sure Sense uses deep learning to identify behavioural traits which enables your device to instinctively recognise and neutralise malware that’s never been seen before. HP Multi-Factor Authenticate keeps your network and VPN safe from unwanted access by asking for up to three factors of authentication, including an optional fingerprint scanner and facial recognition camera.

The world’s most secure PCs from HP and Stone

We’re a trusted HP Gold Partner and HP Service Partner, which means we’re accredited to have the high-level experience and expertise to consult on, provide and support the full range of products and solutions from HP and ensure your devices stay secure and protected.

And as a leading circular IT provider, we have a huge portfolio of experience-enhancing wrap around solutions created to support you throughout the entire life cycle of your infrastructure and ensure we fulfil our commitment to delivering complete and bespoke projects.

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