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With new cases being reported on a daily basis, the government is continuously stepping up restrictions. Some schools have already announced temporary closures, and with others already drafting plans, it’s important to be prepared for heightened restrictions and equipped to adapt if circumstances change.

To prevent school closures from being disruptive to student’s progress, there are a number of steps you can take to enable education to continue. Luckily, we now live in a society where affordable technologies are available in an abundance and can help teachers and students stay connected and engaged without being physically present.

Agile devices, intelligent software and cloud-based capabilities mean it’s easier now more than ever to adopt remote learning practices and implement structured study plans whilst safeguarding the health of both students and faculty. Teaching and learning online can be just as engaging and socially connected as real-life classes, you just need to have the right tools in place.

Microsoft Teams for Education can help facilitate distance learning by bringing together virtual interactions, assignments, files and conversations into one place and is accessible from a range of devices, including laptops, desktops and tablets.

Teams is available at no cost to schools as it is included in the Office 365 A1 package that’s free for educational institutions in the UK. This means many schools already have access to a comprehensive suite of teaching and learning tools that can enable them to quickly adapt and create an online classroom, so students can continue to focus on learning from their own homes during these challenging times.

With Teams and Office 365, teaching staff can use the Assignments app to easily track student progress of the work set daily. The Teams hub acts as a single point for sharing tasks, content, files, projects and more, and can be split into different class streams to keep the right groups connected. Teachers can easily host face-to-face lessons via the app, ensuring a real-time classroom experience and continued social and academic interaction despite being outside of the school walls.

Teams and Office 365 are also highly secure and easy to manage from an IT perspective, based on the capabilities of Windows 10, it enables you to safeguard students’ digital experiences and stay compliant even when outside of the school’s network.

There is a tonne of free information including blogs and webinars with practical steps and easy to follow plans of how to utilise free programmes such as Teams and Office 365 to facilitate home and remote learning. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Stone have the certified knowledge and expertise to help your school quickly and effectively roll out Microsoft technologies to enable you to minimise disruption and safeguard students during the uncertainty.

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