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We’d like to congratulate our partner Family Fund, who will be featuring on BBC’s Radio 4 Appeal!

The Radio 4 Appeal runs weekly, highlighting the work of a chosen charity and appealing for donations to further this work.

Family Fund has been lucky enough to have the amazing Jo Whiley, a BBC radio legend, presenting the Radio 4 Appeal for them. Having a close family connection with disability, Jo understands the challenges that can arise due to this, and can therefore fully appreciate the work our partner does. Jo will be spreading the word about the important work of Family Fund, helping disabled and severely ill children to live well through hardship.

As the current crisis challenges all of us in ways we couldn’t have imagined, those with compromised health and fewer resources face the greatest risks. We understand this is a tough time for everyone, and this is a great chance to remind ourselves of why Family Fund is working so hard to keep delivering grants to families and the big difference it can make to those families in need.

If you’d like to listen to Jo speaking about Family Fund, tune into BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 23 April at 15:25PM

Find out more about the wonderful work Family Fund do.

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