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Technology is at the heart of everything we do. It provides the foundations for the way we work, learn, communicate and more. But as the significance of tech continues to rise, so does the need for society as a whole to combat climate change and become more sustainable.

Our planet in its current state is struggling to keep up with demands of our growing population. Pollution is sky-high, natural resources are being depleted faster than they can regenerate, and the manufacturing and running of IT systems plays a part in this problem.

But as it’s at the core of everything we do, how can we ensure the advantages of technology aren’t to the detriment of the environment?

Going green

The “greening” of IT has gained considerable traction in recent years. Green or energy-efficient computing is now a key focus for many manufacturers and providers, who have risen to the challenge of developing technology in a more sustainable manner and embracing the movement of circular IT.

In addition to the changes being made by those operating within the tech industry, there are also a number of measures other organisations and end-users can take to reduce the environmental impact of their IT.

Improving the energy efficiency of your IT

Old PCs are often significantly less efficient than modern devices – not only in performance and cost – but energy as well. As your equipment ages, part of the reason it becomes slower and less reliable is also why it uses more power and energy. Outdated parts and insufficient memory mean your computer is constantly required to work harder, which in turn uses more energy. Even the accumulation of dust can damage components and cause your device to overheat, meaning more power is needed for cooling.

By upgrading your equipment every 4 years, you not only enjoy enhanced security and performance benefits, but you can help lower your carbon footprint. With modern devices, time and money isn’t wasted on costly repairs and maintenance and components such as batteries, memory and storage will have a higher capacity. As technology evolves at such a pace, the equipment you bought 5 years ago likely can’t handle new software or programmes, and so will have to utilise more energy to run.

Portable devices with productivity and team working tools not only help to create a more agile and collaborative learning environment, but they can play a huge role in cutting down your carbon footprint. Comparatively, laptops consume as much as 80% less power than their desktop counterparts as the power supplies are considerably less intense.

Utilising cloud-based software and subscription services can also help improve the energy efficiency of your PCs, as these reduce the amount of storage required which in turn means less power that the device needs to run.

Modern devices with Microsoft 365

Modern Windows 10 devices combined with the power of Microsoft 365 help your organisation save time, money and energy. Windows 10 helps speed up start-up times and can reduce power consumption by up to 10%, which means less energy is needed to boot up and run your devices. Designed for the future, modern Windows 10 devices are built with the latest components and features that inherently improve cost and energy efficiency.

Microsoft 365 features the intelligent tools and apps that enable your students and staff to work, create and work together from wherever they are and share files, content and projects through the cloud. One Drive and Microsoft Teams allow for real-time collaboration without the need to save to your drive, which prevents filling up your storage and slowing down your PC.

Microsoft 365 devices from Stone

With new tech, Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft 365, you get a powerful and efficient integrated solution. Enjoy the latest devices packed with new capabilities that enhance productivity, the most secure version of Windows ever, and best-in-class productivity tools, security, and device management.

We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner, so we’re certified to the highest standard to be a trusted provider who can consult on, supply and support the huge range of Microsoft products and devices. Our close partnership with Microsoft means we can help simplify your deployments with knowledge, training and advice straight from the source.

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