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Bob Harrison speaks about shifting paradigms in education
Bob Harrison speaks about shifting paradigms in education

Highlights from both days included:

  • A talk from Bob Harrison challenging the assumption that investment in ICT improves learning outcomes, and suggesting a shift in the education system’s attitudes and practices in order to get the most out of technology in education.
  • Seminars from Jay Abbott, Managing Director of security consultancy JustASC, showing us just how easy it is to hack into a wireless network, and how freely available hacking tools and resources are online. This included live demonstrations using attendees’ phones to show which networks they’d recently looked for.
  • “The Rise of the Humans” – a thought-provoking talk from Microsoft’s Chief Envisioning Officer Dave Coplin. Dave spoke about the ‘digital deluge’ – that constant stream of a data we are all subjected to on a daily basis, and the methods we as humans use to cope with this, including ‘snacking’ (filling every spare moment of the day with a check of your emails, the Internet or Facebook).
  • Presentations from key figures at Microsoft and Intel, communicating their thoughts on technology in education looking forward to 2020.
Visitors check out range of AV solutions
Visitors check out range of AV solutions

Visitors also got the chance to get hands-on with a range of the latest technology for education, including tablets, notebooks, desktops and interactive large format displays, as well as being given a tour of our award-winning recycling facility.

We’d like to thank everyone who came to the events, as well as our speakers and the staff that made it possible.

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