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The business environment is as demanding and fast-paced as ever, and in recent years, as a society we’ve witnessed a world of change in workplaces, and a dramatic shift in the way people work. Rigid structures, corporate silos and traditional 9-to-5’s have been superseded by dynamic, interactive office spaces, and flexible organisational cultures that champion collaboration, thrive on versatility and where productivity reigns supreme.

Unsurprisingly, when evaluating the evolution of the working environment, technology has been concluded time after time as a fundamental factor in the process. As developments in technology and changes in the workplace inherently continue to drive one-another, organisations will undoubtedly endeavour to expand their flexible working options and invest in the tools that enable people to work more fluidly, with greater communication and unrestricted efficiency.

And so, to stay ahead in 2019 – and beyond – businesses will need to adopt the technologies that allow them to adapt as trends evolve and equip their staff and teams with the devices that empower them to work, create and collaborate at their best.

Reinventing the workspace

As the way in which you work changes and as your business environment transforms, you need the right equipment that can help you modernise and revitalise your desk space to match. In a time that calls for you to be increasingly flexible and effortlessly connected, a traditional, bulky desktop PC just won’t do. To best help you thrive in a landscape that’s continuously developing, you need the tech that empowers you to tackle the demanding, multi-faceted nature you face every day.

Built to encompass the soul of a powerful PC in a sleek and compact modular body, the HP Elite Slice is a beautiful solution for a highly adaptable and professional modern workspace. Offering volumes of versatility and premium performance in a stunning tiny form factor that allows you to easily change and refresh your workspace whenever you need, the Elite Slice is the desktop reimagined. With extensive wireless and port connectivity options, including future-proofed USB Type-C technology for one-cable powering, audio and video to supported monitors, you can benefit from quick-connectivity in a streamlined workspace. This means to can get to work quicker, stay productive and readily connected in a range of environments.

The HP Elite Slices’ modular design provides you with seamless customisation and expansion, with a range of cable-less modules each created to be effortlessly integrated to deliver a clutter-free, comprehensive and professional PC experience. You can choose your cover and modules, such as the HP ODD Module, which allows you to quickly back-up your files and access content to keep you organised and on-task. The HP Audio Module provides you immersive 360° sound, perfect for communicating with your teams, and the optional Charging Cover means you can wirelessly power your mobile devices while you work.

Redefining meetings 

In modern offices communication and collaboration is pivotal. With the rise of remote working and flexible hours, it’s likely many of your meetings will take place while many of the participants aren’t in the same room, so you need a quality and professional meeting room set up you can rely on. The HP Elite Slice is designed to simplify your meetings with an intuitive interface and stress-free setup, while offering you crisp and clear audio so your time spent communicating is effective and helps you move forward.

With audio modules optimised for use with Cortana for increased productivity, and with bi-directional HP Noise Cancellation software, dual-microphone array with 5-meter range, 3 speakers, and HP Audio Boost, it’s the ideal solution for effective meetings and life-like video conferencing with your teams, colleagues or customers, no matter where they are.

To make it easy to keep your teams in the loop, you can customise your Elite Slice for one-touch collaboration. Using the HP Collaboration Cover, you can run calls and conferences at the touch of a finger, making it easier than ever to stay connected.

There’s even a HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms, that can give you the ultimate setup for communicating across the modern business landscape. Utilising the exceptional Skype Room Systems, the Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms is simple to use, manage and secure, while providing you with a premium and versatile meeting room environment. With the optional HP Wireless Display module for flexible, cable-free setup, and tri-coloured lighting that lets everyone in the room know the status of the call, the HP Elite Slice for Meeting Rooms is the perfect professional conferencing companion.

The HP Elite Slice from Stone

As a HP Gold Partner, we’re one of HP’s most trusted and qualified providers in the business. Our Gold partner status means we are certified by HP to provide in-depth knowledge and industry-leading expertise to our customers, so we can give their business the competitive edge and make sure they receive the greatest value and IT experiences.

Furthermore, as a leading provider of IT for over 25 years, we have crafted an all-encompassing range of added services to deliver the optimum value and additional benefits to our customers on all their projects. We have dedicated AV specialists that can offer you expert advice and consultations around your current infrastructure and your new technology, so you can make the most out of your investment. We also have qualified Project Management staff, so we can take total ownership of your projects, from planning, design and deployment, so you can focus on what’s important.

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