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As so much time in education is spent in the classroom, it’s vital for schools to create environments that facilitate learning, drive student engagement and are adaptable for different lessons and working styles. The most effective modern-day learning environments integrate technology, make smart use of space, utilise collaborative work stations and enable student mobility. Undersized, rigid and poorly designed classrooms pose a challenge for educators and their students learning experiences. But limited space needn’t mean limited learning outcomes.

With the right tech, some strategic thinking and a little creativity, you can construct the optimum future-proof learning environment, regardless of a classrooms shape or size. Make use of these practical tips and tricks for getting the most out of your learning spaces, to empower your staff and help your students thrive.

Minimise clutter

Untidy environments are a driver for distractions, and unnecessary clutter wastes space. By exchanging chaotic workspaces for ones that are clear and organised, you heighten your student’s abilities to focus, so try to minimise what is kept on desks, and help students develop a habit of keeping a tidy workspace.  Clutter-free environments also enable you to better utilise space, even when it’s limited. Consider the equipment you use most frequently and store the lesser used items away, and equip your PC suites with desktops that are compact and versatile.

The StoneAIO Lite is a complete desktop solution designed to provide you with a neat and clutter-free desk space. As it’s a PC and monitor in one unit, you don’t have to worry about messy cables and multiple pieces of bulky kit taking up space, making it a comprehensive solution for an organised work space. The StonePC Mini is a powerful desktop in a tiny chassis, meaning it’s exceptionally space-efficient. Its compact design not only frees up valuable desk space, but allows versatility in its implementation, as you can easily mount the PC Mini to the back of screens to neaten up worktops. Combine it with our Essential or Premium Stand, and you’ve got a complete, clutter-free, space-saving desktop solution for your IT suites.

Facilitate active learning

We’ve seen a huge shift towards collaboration and connectivity in modern day, so it’s vital that students become accustomed to the evolving way of working in their formative years to best prepare them for their future. By creating collaborative work areas in classrooms, you facilitate social learning and group work, adding value to your students learning experiences even in small spaces. Interactive touchscreens and smart boards are a great way to prompt group working, create an active learning environment and allow for groups to take their turn at presenting. And with a range of mounting options, from walls, to tables, or trolleys, you can make sure your screens are implemented in the most space-efficient way for your classroom.

Projection is also a way of making a big impact without taking up space. Compact, versatile and low maintenance, you can utilise projectors and visualisers to immerse your students, get them involved and create collaborative environments without any bulky equipment. There’s also a huge range of productivity software available that enables real-time collaboration across devices. Innovative solutions such as M365 allow students and staff alike to connect, communicate, share resources and co-create on projects, offering a versatile solution for enhancing learning environments.

Enable versatility

To help teaching staff cater to the diverse needs of every individual student, and fluidly switch between different teachings styles and types of working, classrooms need to be able to adapt, so make sure your classroom space flexible. Mobile chairs with desks attached and storage spaces underneath are a great way of creating a space-saving, adaptable working environment. Change seating arrangements based on whether students are working independently or together in teams, or to facilitate group discussions or 1-to-1 meetings.

Equip your school with mobile technology that keep students engaged and connected in any scenario. Tablets or notebooks built with education in mind allow students to work more flexibly, giving them access to the latest resources, information and learning tools for a diverse range of working styles. The Stonebook Mini is a reliable portable device with the solid features essential for every day, making it an ideal classroom companion for versatile learning. It’s lightweight but robust chassis means it’s built to withstand the inevitable drops and bumps that occur in flexible working, and its compact design means space efficient storage. And to keep your devices secure, charged and in-sync when not in use, store them in mobile laptop trolley to minimise clutter.

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