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What does this mean for you?

As an education and public sector provider, this will mean that you’ll no longer be able to purchase these operating systems from us. And, unless you have a Volume License Agreement you won’t be to downgrade and install any of these earlier operating systems either.

Going forward, from October 31st 2016, you’ll need to purchase devices pre-installed with a Windows 10 operating system or use your downgrade rights from your Volume License Agreement.

But, with Windows 8 already end of sales, and Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8.1 set to go end of sales by the end of October, this will mean that there’ll be no new feature updates available from these dates. Therefore, future hardware, peripherals and software may have limited functionality or not work at all if you choose to downgrade to earlier versions of the software.

For those of you running Skylake and Silicon based technologies, Microsoft will still be providing a number of driver updates until 2017.

It’s important to note though that critical and security updates will still be available until January 14, 2020 for Windows 7 and January 10, 2023 for Windows 8.1.

What about imaging devices?

Imaging will be exempt from this if you have a relevant Volume License Agreement with Microsoft and all customer supplied images will be deployed and administered by us in the usual way.

Images that are created by us for your school however will follow a new process and we’ll provide you with more information on that in due course.

In order for you to create an image for your school you’ll need to provide us with your Volume License MAK Key before we can start to process anything.

Key dates to be aware of:

Operating System End of Sales

Windows Product End of Sale date
Windows 7 Professional October 31st 2016
Windows 8 June 30th 2016
Windows 8.1 October 31st 2016

Downgrade software

Licensed product Downgrade software OEM Downgrade Install Permitted Until Date
Windows 10 Pro Windows 7 Professional October 31st 2016
Windows 10 Pro Windows 8.1 Pro October 31st 2016
Windows 8.1 Pro Windows 7 Professional June 30th 2016
Windows 8.1 Pro Windows 7 Professional June 30th 2016

As always, we endeavour to to support your every need and requirements. Should you require any further information or want to chat directly to one of our experts, email or call 08448 22 11 22.

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