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For the last few weeks I’ve spent some time sharing and discussing some of my thoughts regarding education of the future. My ideas have sprouted from a root which aims to address and respond to climate change, which I consider to be the greatest challenge of our time. There are many other difficult and complex issues we face including social inequalities, a dysfunctional economic system, wars and other geopolitical issues, but all challenges we face, no matter how abstracted they may appear from each other are connected.

As a global community every single person is important and significant. Just by being alive you are one part of the whole, which is effected by your very existence. How you live is shaping the whole, whilst simultaneously the whole is working on you, shaping you as a person. Recognising our own significance and becoming aware that no matter what, we are making an impact, requires us to think about how we are living, because it matters.

I’ve attempted to create some context for this discussion over the last few weeks outlining the principles of peace education, acknowledging the local global movement, speculating over future roles of students and teachers, whilst also acknowledging the need to consider deep ecological thought when considering a response to the issues we face and see, but I’d like to make my words real, by explaining briefly how I am applying my understanding. The diagram below is a sketch of the education system I will go on to discuss.

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