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What is Windows 10 S?

Windows 10 S is a new Windows mode inspired by teachers and students – designed to be simple, secure and to deliver superior performance and the best ever Windows experience for schools.

By exclusively using apps in the Windows Store and ensuring safe browsing in Microsoft Edge, it will ensure security, faster login times and improved performance.

Once launched, Windows 10 S will be available on devices across the price spectrum from affordable to premium, on a range of devices from Stone and our partners.

What are the benefits?

  • Free for all schools on their current Windows Pro PCs
  • Applications which students and teachers download come from the Windows Store – they are verified for security and then locally run in a safe “container” to ensure consistent performance and faster login times
  • The Set Up School PC app is now available in the Windows Store – enabling setup of entire classrooms of devices with a customised experience in as little as 30 seconds per device
  • Include Azure Active Directory to pair with Intune
  • Better utilises cloud integration to support multi users in classrooms
  • Grants rights to switch for free from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro Education
  • Is a qualifying operating system for VL licenses

Can you install Windows 10 S on existing devices?

Windows 10 S will be available a free update for eligible education institutions who currently have Windows 10 pro devices.

More new stuff from Microsoft

Microsoft also announced Code Builders for Minecraft Education – designed to inspire students to learn the basics of coding whilst interacting with a familiar and immersive world. Using Tynker, ScratchX or Microsoft’s new MakeCode, players can move, build and create in Minecraft using code. Minecraft is already proven to be a huge asset in the classroom – it promotes team work, logical thinking and problem solving – and the edition of Code Builder brings even more learning opportunities. Find out more on the Minecraft Education Blog.

Keep an eye on our blog for a formal launch date. For more information and FAQs, check out Microsoft’s website. And if you have any questions for us on Windows 10 S, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our software expert – Emma Rolfe.

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