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Microsoft has announced big incentives for organisations thinking about beginning or increasing their cloud investment.

Both virtual machines and storage prices are set to fall in price with immediate effect following the news.

Prices for F1 to F16 virtual machines have been slashed by 23% on Linux and 18% on Windows. In a similar vein, A1 Basic has been aggressively cut by 42 per cent on Linux and 51 per cent on Windows.

In the storage domain, prices are dropping too. Hot Block Blob storage will come down a notable 26% and Cool Block Blob storage a staggering 38%.

Commenting on the news, Emma Rolfe, Stone’s Software Product manager said: “This is incredible news. Those organisations that already have virtual machines and data stored in the cloud can accelerate their transition now and realise all of the benefits of the secure and productive Microsoft cloud and get a lot more bang for their buck.

“Conversely, for those organisations that have wanted to do something for a while but perhaps budgets have constrained them, these price reductions will give them an opportunity to begin their cloud journey.

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