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The Esports landscape is booming. The surge in popularity of this competitive, organised gaming, has meant Esports is no longer just a pastime; but a vibrant, lucrative industry full of opportunity. As the ecosystem continues to expand, new and exciting career paths are being paved to meet the demands of its growing global consumer base. Jobs that didn’t exist just a few years ago are being created for the future workforce thanks to this evolving trend.

Challenging, interactive and a catalyst for camaraderie, Esports is also being recognised to be a valuable learning tool for the digital generation, that builds character and supports the development of a wide range of transferrable skills. And such, Schools, Colleges and Universities across the UK are embracing the Esports phenomena and integrating it into curriculums and course portfolios.

Competitive gaming for skills development

Esports and organised gaming, whether single player or multiplayer, enables children and young people to develop a vast and multifaceted skillset that can help them improve their performance in education, while preparing them for their future in the evolving and dynamic world of work.

Presenting an arena for students to strengthen essential hard skills, including reading, writing, word processing and languages, Esports also creates valuable opportunities for players to develop their more intangible skills, such as critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, communication and more. These skills not only can help students become more analytical, better collaborators and improve their ability to understand and digest subject matter, but it gives them a head start in building the competencies that their future employers will seek.

From a teaching perspective, Esports can help connect with, motivate, and inspire the digitally savvy generation, increasing engagement levels and classroom participation with alternative learning methods that are relatable, creative and fun.

Esports for the future workforce

As the idea of working in Esports becomes a viable career path, Gaming, Computing, Creative and Digital Technologies courses are growing in popularity in Colleges and Universities across the UK. However, both prospective students and modern employers are calling for more Further and Higher Education establishments to offer the courses, skills and expertise required to support this monumental movement and help them get into the industry.

Some Colleges and Universities have been quick to react to the trend, such as Staffordshire University, who have created entire degree programmes dedicated to Esports. Their BA (Hons) Esports course focuses on the business behind the game, teaching students tailored events and business management, marketing, legislation and more.

Esports is also gaining traction within Higher Education beyond subject areas, with more and more societies, tournaments and events supported by Universities and their students and staff alike being introduced.

Get ahead of the game with the right PCs

To deliver the real-life benefits of this virtual world, it’s important to have the right equipment to meet student expectations, gain a competitive edge and develop the next generation workforce. At the forefront of the Esports movement, Acer have an impressive range of desktops, laptops and monitors purpose-built for gaming that enable you to create an immersive, impressive and successful learning environment that prepares the gaming specialists of the future and facilitates excellence.

Acer’s Nitro gaming PCs and laptops boast lightning-fast graphics that deliver supercharged images and VR1 that’s out of this world. Boasting dynamic contours and burning red LED lights, the Nitro series instantly set the mood for an immersive journey into the realm of gaming.

Their impressive Predator range of devices feature the iconic predator-stamp on slick black and grey chassis with LED-lit blues that really look the part. Both the Nitro and Predator ranges are available with a high-performance processors, unparalleled memory and supreme storage that ensure they deliver the power for the most intense gaming experience.

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