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In our previous article, we looked at the ways in which digital transformations can help your organisation to achieve Net Zero. The recent Coronavirus pandemic has forced an acceleration of digital transformations across all sectors. In this final post in our series on Net Zero, we will look at how the current situation may have had a positive impact on lowering your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Remote Working and Study

The majority of us have had to switch indefinitely to remote working and study, which has no doubt been the key positive driver towards your organisation reducing emissions. We have discussed these in our previous posts, but how exactly has it made a difference?

  • Eliminating the commute
  • No need for office expansion
    • Until recently, taking on new team members often meant a physical expansion for your organisation. Currently, this is not an issue and allows you to scale up or down with little impact on your Net Zero goal.
    • Heating, lighting, hardware, and appliances all contribute towards your carbon emissions, so this is also a big saving.
  • Less printing and paper circulation
    • Not having the ability to print likely hasn’t affected your organisation’s ability to function; there are such a wide variety of software packages around now that replace and even surpass paper, offering live collaboration and more immediate One 500 sheet ream of paper uses 6% of a tree, and so you can see how massive a saving this can be.

Recovery Strategy

We all want to get back to normality as soon as possible. Your organisation has a chance however, to make changes for the better when building a post-COVID-19 recovery plan – emphasising a commitment to becoming Net Zero. In May 2020, 155 global companies had signed a statement urging governments worldwide to consider the environment when steering populations out of lockdown.

Many of us would welcome the idea of continued remote working. There are a large number of lifestyle benefits, such as less commute time, lower running costs, and less stress.  Of course, we don’t all want to completely isolate ourselves from the team, and in certain situations face-to-face contact is necessary. But we can, however, adopt a blend of home and office working to retain a great deal of the environmental benefits.

How Stone Can Help

Here at Stone we have partnerships with some of the biggest names in technology and can offer a range of remote working solutions that can provide your employees with a comfortable long-term home working setup. From physical devices to video conferencing solutions, we can support your business in its digital transformation and help you and your team to get set up in every aspect of home working.

Looking Forward

Of course, moving forward, we will need to consider the increased emissions from remote employees at their homes – but the usage is still well below all of your staff having to commute each day. And you can push your Net Zero goal even further by encouraging employees to undertake a free energy audit of their home. This spreads the positive message of Net Zero beyond your organisation, investing them too in the effort.

The fight against climate change has until recently been a losing battle, but this time has given us an opportunity to act. Even the small changes that we make moving forward will make a difference, supporting the world around us as we move out of lockdown and look towards the future.

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