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It’s frustrating to say the least when your workflow is disrupted by devices that just can’t keep up, and technology without the capacity you need can really bring your creative process to a halt. In our age of innovation and as the productivity drive continues, you need the kit that helps you work smarter, not harder. Even compared to enterprise-grade devices, workstations are productivity powerhouses that provide consistently seamless user experiences, cutting-edge customisation and ultimate efficiency.

While there’s no doubt that high-end and professional devices can deliver impressive performance and user benefits, when it comes to personal computing systems, workstations are in a class of their own. Extending well beyond the capabilities of standard business computers, workstations are purpose built for the highest intensity workloads and the most demanding of tasks. Utilising sturdier hardware, high-end graphics, and super-fast memory interfaces, workstations are superior devices that deliver unparalleled performance, supreme processing speeds and server-grade power in a personal workspace that’s built to go the distance.

What’s more, workstations are more affordable than ever. Historically, their power and performance benefits came at a significantly higher price than similarly configured PCs. This often lead many to think twice about whether the trade-off was worth the investment. However today, the cost gap between the two is marginal, with workstation entry price points rivalling those of their desktop counterparts. This means more end-users can experience the limitless productivity and creativity possibilities that a workstation can offer.

Z by HP workstations

Based on 30 years of excellence, HP boast an extensive range of high-performance workstations designed from the inside out to deliver power, reliability and unlimited innovation. Designed to make your job easier whilst enhancing your outputs, HP Z workstations offer maximum performance underpinned by unique HP technologies and expertise. Featuring both traditional workstations and portable powerhouses, the Z range lets you to go beyond the basics to do more, handle more, and enjoy limitless creativity possibilities.

Z2 Tower G4 Workstation

Work fast and guarantee productivity with server-grade power in a desktop workstation with impressive expandability. Accelerate your work flows and confidently tackle complex taskloads with superior rendering capabilities, ultra-professional 3D graphics and the latest Intel® Core™ or Xeon® processors.

Z2 Mini G4 Workstation

Designed for the workspace of the future, the Z2 mini delivers double the power of a typical business-grade PC with all the performance of a traditional workstation in to a device that’s a fraction of the size. Able to support the heaviest programmes and workforce demands, it’s powerful piece of kit for any creative professional.

ZBook 14u G5 Mobile Workstation

Workstation power and reliability in a stunning thin-and-light chassis for executives on-the-go. With superior quality components and business-class features like Intel® Quad Core™ processors and crystal clear, professional 3D graphics, you can work on high-res files and immersive content anytime, anyplace.

ZBook 15v G5 Mobile Workstation

Amplify your projects on a supremely portable high-performance workstation that packs a punch a more than affordable price point. With high speed processors and graphics certified for peak performance, you can power through intense workflows in the office or on the road. The ZBook 15v is a surefire way to help you raise the bar.

We’re proud to hold Gold Partnership status with HP and as an experienced HP service partner, we have the expertise to consult on, provide and support HP products and solutions. Our technical staff are vendor certified by HP to take care of any issues or repairs of your devices.

We’re committed to delivering a completely bespoke solution for our customers, and can provide a full range of devices and deployment services to suit all sectors.

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