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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics pervade every aspect of modern life. Commonly referred to as STEM, these fields are the drivers behind innovation, which is critical in our globalised culture that experiences constant technological, societal and economic change. STEM enables us to revolutionise the way we research, facilitate growth and overcome challenges, helping us achieve breakthroughs in medicine, combat climate change, build our economy and more.

However, there is a substantial skills shortage in STEM fields. Research has found that approximately 90% of STEM businesses in the UK struggled to fill vacancies last year, highlighting a staggering shortfall of over 170,000 skilled workers in this arena. It has been stated this this shortage alone is costing the UK STEM industry over £1.5bn a year in recruitment costs, temporary positions and additional training, as businesses desperately try to find and qualify candidates.

So, what’s causing this shortfall?

This traditionally would lead to the conclusion that there is a lack of interest in these areas, but with STEM this is not the case. In reality, we are simply not fostering talent and learning in STEM to keep up with this growth. And in a society that continues to seek new ideas and innovation amongst an always-evolving backdrop, roles in STEM are growing at an unprecedented rate that isn’t expected to slow.

In fact, it has been forecasted that new STEM roles will double within the next 10 years, with as many as 65% of today’s students expected to work in jobs that do not yet exist. And so, it’s essential that schools, colleges and businesses unite to support STEM education, to develop talent and build the future workforce.

Acer STEM Rewards

The Acer STEM rewards programme, in partnership with the Tablet Academy and RAF Museum, has been created to kick off STEM education in schools and colleges across the UK, to help them create critical thinkers, increase science literacy, and develop the next generation of innovators. When you upgrade your IT estate with Acer devices powered by Intel® Core™ processors, you can enjoy:

  • A FREE ½ Day STEM Workshop delivered at your school for staff and students, worth £500 on every classroom set purchased (25 devices)
  • Entry into a Prize Draw to participate in a 2-day STEM programme at an RAF Museum, including an overnight stay
  • Up to £200 cashback on devices refreshed via ‘Acer Upgrade Reward’ (additional 25% cashback in March)
  • The Acer Reliability Promise – Money back guarantee

Preparing the future workforce

Take advantage of the Acer STEM rewards programme and help prepare students for the future. Acer have a huge range of devices designed for the dynamic education environment, students and staff alike. From 2-in-1 convertibles, agile laptops or gaming PCs, Acer can support you with the technology and added extras that facilitate STEM learning and workplace readiness.

Contact us today to find out how you can get your school involved in STEM education with Acer and Intel®.

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