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We’re pleased to announce that we have successfully assisted Cardiff and Vale University Health Board with bringing over 1600 devices into our secure bonded service facility, including PCs, notebooks, monitors and other accessories, helping them to manage the roll-out of their ICT in 2017.

Gareth Bulpin, Devices IT Manager at Cardiff and Vale visited our site last week to check that all the equipment was successfully received and in secure storage.

Cardiff and Vale NHS

Gareth said: “This service is crucial to the Trust, it provides Cardiff and Vale NHS with a valuable service, at no extra cost to the Trust, and means we are able to have a planned roll out for 2017 and onwards.  The Trust would not be able to store the equipment on site, and therefore the service Stone provide is invaluable, it enables my Team to call kit off as and when required, which means we can get on with our ICT rollout and have a smooth de install and re install process.

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