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  • A break, fix and maintenance service for core IT infrastructure and devices with support from vendor certified engineers
  • Covers equipment from multiple vendors with flexible contract options


Stone Group, a leading provider of ICT solutions to the public and private sector, has announced its latest solution Stone Assured, a break, fix and maintenance service for the devices and core infrastructure of establishments across the public and private sector.

The service offers an alternative to a vendor support contract, covering all non-Stone branded equipment from suppliers such as Dell, HP, Cisco and NetApp. This provides customers with a ‘one stop shop’ for all IT maintenance needs, with the ability to cover multiple devices and infrastructure from different vendors under one plan, at a lower price point than if purchased directly from the supplier.

Simon Harbridge, CEO at Stone Group, says: “We’re delighted to be able to offer Stone Assured as a service. We hope that it will put an end to customers having to purchase multiple maintenance contracts in order to ensure their full infrastructure is completely protected at all times.”

The service can cover everything from your critical switch and server infrastructure through to client end devices. Stone Assured offers flexible options such as three and six-month contracts, variable service levels for critical and non-critical appliances and further to this, if an establishment’s current core equipment maintenance contracts end on different days, the Stone Assured service can bring them together to co-terminate, simplifying financial planning for the customer.

Simon Harbridge adds: “For too long, keeping track of all of your maintenance contracts has been a huge headache for establishments. With Stone Assured, everything can be looked after under one account, and you can be reassured you’re still receiving the same standard of service as you would if you went direct to the supplier.”


Stone Assured is available now and comes complete with a UK-based specialist system support team who are available 24/7 and experienced in supporting IT environments. The Service desk is manned by level 2/3 engineers available for escalations, and includes remote support and troubleshooting, all delivered by vendor certified engineers.

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