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This year we’ve made some changes to our device line-up, and we wanted to give you a quick guide to the what’s what and the who’s who of the Stone range nowadays.


We’re the first to admit that our desktop naming convention was – well, non-existent.  With this in mind, we’ve re-branded our desktop range so that it’s clear what each product does and its relationship to other PCs in the range.

We’ve also introduced the Stone PC Mini – a space-saving desktop packing a bit of extra punch.

Model Was What is it?
StonePC Micro NUC Our smallest PC at 4”x4”, offering power consumption savings of up to 35% vs a traditional tower PC.
StonePC Mini Still a super space-saving option at 178 x 178 x 34mm (D x W x H), but packing a little more punch than the Micro as it can go up to an i7.
StonePC Lite Ultra Small Form Factor Our best-selling chassis, with tool-less design. Can be paired with the Premium Stand or the Essential Stand for space-saving.
StonePC Tower Mini Tower Maximum configuration space – up to 64GB RAM, 6 SATA ports, 4K graphics… we could go on.
All in One All in One Stylish and contemporary all in one desktop with the same bespoke configurations as the rest of our range.
Essential Stand for StonePC Lite SoloStand A space saving solution for our most popular chassis at a competitive price point.
Premium Stand for StonePC Lite UniStand Turns the StonePC Lite into a fully functioning all in one.


Same reliable notebooks, new names. Again, we’ve re-branded our range so each has its own identity, and a clear relationship with other laptops in the range.

Model Was What is it?
Stonebook Mini N130 Robust 11.6” device with a Celeron processor and up to 8GB of RAM.
Stonebook Lite NT210-H 14” available with up to Core i5 Processor and 16GB of RAM.
Stonebook Pro NT310-H 15.6” available with up to Core i5 Processor and 16GB of RAM and a matte anti-glare screen.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our hardware range, please get in touch, we love to chat.

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