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With just six weeks left of the year we’re on track to achieve one of our best years in terms of hardware sales into education, shipping in excess of 150,000 devices and representing almost 10% more than 2014.

Our CEO, Simon Harbridge, commented: “I’m absolutely thrilled with the numbers we’re set to achieve in terms of our hardware sales into education this year.

“There’s been a lot of negativity in the press over the last couple of years about the declining PC market and more recently over the last few weeks about how technology is impacting the learning experience for students; but our figures, to date this year alone, show that this isn’t the case.”

Our hardware sales span our entire product range, including some of our latest devices such as:

And, with new lines set to be added to the Stone range in early 2016 we’re excited about the development of our product roadmap, which is supported by both Microsoft and Intel technology.

Purchasing Director, Peter Berks, explains: “There are a lot of new and exciting developments on the horizon for Stone PCs – both mobile and desktop. We’re really keen to expand our range and bring to market some innovative solutions that cater to all customer needs and wants.

“2016 is going to be a great year for us in terms of product innovation and development and we’re really excited to see where the future of tech is going and to keep up with the change.”

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