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With over 20 years’ expertise in intelligence and cyber-security for blue chip, SME and government clients, Falanx offers an end to end service to help organisations understand their security issues and how best to protect their sensitive data.

Falanx have identified how important cyber security is for businesses and understands that the traditional security measures taken, such as investing in state-of-the-art antivirus software to shield computers from cyber-attacks, are unable to completely protect organisations from the more sophisticated attacks, or alert them to malicious activity.

Falanx works to ensure organisations are informed, protected and supported throughout the process.

Their advanced cyber threat detection platform, MidGARD that has been on trial with key clients earlier this year is due to launch in September and boasts the ability to monitor threats 24/7 using the latest advanced techniques and allows fo Falanx to be able to intervene when a cyber threat is detected, preventing damage before a breach of security.

As part of this partnership, we will be working with Falanx Cyber Defence to secure client data and ensure that existing relationships are protected.

Speaking about this partnership, Simon Harbridge, CEO at Stone said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to be working with Falanx. Cyber-attacks are a very real threat for organisations and in light of the recent global ransomware attacks, it has highlighted how important privacy and security measures are to have in place for organisations. We want to be able to help organisations stay as protected as possible”

Simon comments further that: “We are aware that we don’t possess the capabilities to provide this service alone, and so this partnership with Falanx – with their high level of expertise in this field – will allow us to secure clients through the solutions we have in place”

Jay Abbott, Managing Director at Falanx adds: “Our partnership with Stone means organisations can be safe in the knowledge that they’re being provided with the best possible cyber security at an exceptional standard. Our services ensure that cyber threats are monitored 24/7 and in the unfortunate event that an organisations cyber security becomes compromised, we are able to deploy our experts during and post-breach to support, monitor and offer our consultancy on how to improve their position for the future.”

Falanx hold several accreditations including CRESTPCI-DSS, ISO27001, ISO2000 & ISO9001 and are a Crown Commercial Services Supplier.More recently they have become an approved CHECK provider, allowing them to provide high quality health check services to Her Majesty’s Government and wider public sector bodies that handle protective data.

Organisations that hold personal data on customers may be liable and in breach of data protection and government regulations if this information becomes lost or stolen, therefore they need to be vigilant in safeguarding this sensitive information, as it can result in damaging consequences for a business.

If you’re keen to learn more about how to protect your organisation from a cyber-attack, you can read more here.

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