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We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been awarded a place on the National Further Competition 53 (NFC53) framework under Lot 1 of the Technology Products Framework Agreement (RM1054) for the provision of end user devices and services, specifically for Police Authorities.

The NFC53 framework comprises of five baskets:

  • Basket A – Dell
  • Basket B – HP
  • Basket C – Lenovo
  • Basket D – ¬†Microsoft
  • Basket E – Agnostic Devices

In partnership with Lenovo, we’re thrilled to have secured our place on Basket C and Basket E of the framework.

As part of the process we were scored on a number of different categories – including quality and price. And we’re delighted to confirm that, out of all competing tenders, we secured the highest score on every category for both Basket C and Basket E.

Commenting on the framework award, our CEO, Simon Harbridge explains, “This is an incredible achievement for us and really shows the scope of our abilities. The partnership we have with Lenovo has really helped us to secure a place on this framework and for that I’m very thankful.

“This is a game changer for us with Police Authorities and that fact that we can offer the best value and service to them through this agreement, with Lenovo, is fantastic. We’re really looking forward to working with this sector more closely and helping them with all their technology needs and requirements.”

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